Looking for B Co Plt 1036 Series PISC
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    Looking for B Co Plt 1036 Series PISC

    I was in platoon 1037 and graduated as honorman. My drill instructors were SSGT Hannah, SGT Corbett, SGT Forrest, SGT Bone. SGT Corbett was dismissed early due to brutality charges. The private who reported him was a dirtbag and got kicked out anyway. Sgt Corbett was our best DI. The series Gunny was Gysgt Greene who was a lunatic. The series commander was LT. Price and our company commander was Capt Honea. I am amazed I still remember all of this. We graduated 23 AUG 1979.

    I would like to hear from anyone in the series or anyone who is familiar with any of the drill instructors.

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    1 Bn A Co. Plt 1036 (1979 Here)

    I am looking for anyone who was in Platoon 1036 1st Bn Alfa Co. Plt 1036.
    Senior DI SSgt Sledge.
    Sgt Corbett SGT Bone Sgt Forrest. All these names ring a bell.
    You were in Bravo Co. The barracks next to us.

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    Gysgt Greene was a 1stSgt at CPNC in 1984, and he is a funny bastard.

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    1036 Series 1979

    I am shocked someone saw my post who was in my series. I was in platoon 1037 B Company. I think A Company was on the other side of the chow hall. Is that right?

    If you have any recollection of the guide for 1037, that was me. They made me the guide the entire time we were at PISC. I was also the honorman.

    Boot camp was quite a trip back then. I have no clue what it is like these days. I was stationed at Camp Lejeune almost my entire time. I was an 0231intelligence analyst and worked for the G-2 Intelligence Operations at Lejeune. We lived in the squad bays accross from tank battallion and really close to the 2nd Mar Div HQ building. I worked out a lot at the main gym where the boxers trained.

    I live in Alaska now and I am legal investigator with a law firm. I have been in this line of work since I got out in 1984. I only ran into one person who was in my platoon in boot camp whilke I was at Lejeune. One of my drill instructors, Corbett was with the 2nd Engineers. I ran into him at a pizza hut on night. We actually became friends and I still get a Christmas Card from him every year. I think my platoon mostly had reservists.

    I got out as Sergeant with 2 years time in grade. I was meritorious PFC, Lcpl, and Corporal. I looked and acted like a lifer but got out after my time was up to persue a career that paid better. I am still at it.

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    Plt 1036

    Yea, I was shocked as well when I seen it too. You are the reason I became a member here actually, Just to be able to comment to you. SEMPER FI

    My dad had a stroke while I was at PI and took a C.O.G. Being the only son and all. I often think back on the time at PI. wondering what they are now doing.
    I recieved an Honorable Discharge, I found at least one of us in 1036 through scuttlebutt went over to beruit in 1983 and perished.

    This past year, I began working on something that would have a dual objective.
    1 Raise money for helping chronically ill children who go to Kyle Pettys place. The Victory Junction Gang Camp
    2 To show support for those whom have served and are still serving in all branches of the US Armed Forces.
    I took a motorcycle helmet to various commanders to autograh. The helmet is an AFX Freedom Model Full Face Helmet with the American Flag bannered on both sides of it.
    Autographs were obtained by:
    MG Frank Vavala Adj General Delaware National Guard
    BG Terry L. Wiley Asst Adj General Delaware Army Reserves
    BG Hugh Broomall Asst Adj General Delaware Air National Guard
    WO 5 Dennis Jester DEANG
    Captain Stephen Kelly Cmmdr 2d Fleet United States Navy
    Col. R.J. Ablitt Chief of Staff QMCB
    Col Michael Grease Cmmdr Ft. A.P. Hill
    Capt. Paden Dover Air Force Base
    Lt Holland formeraly stationed at the Goose Creek Naval Weapons Station, SC
    and Richard Petty as well autographed it.
    I coordinated a benefit motorcycle run that was to leave Delaware in May and arrive at Myrtle Beach SC via stops along the way-including the Victory Jucntion Gang Camp and Petty Enterprises.
    MG Vavala awarded me a challenge coin Award of Excellence for this complex feat
    BG Wiley awarded me a challenge coin, Soldier Spirit Award.
    BG Hugh Broomall and WO 5 awarded me with the Distinctive Unit Insigia for HQ Delaware National Guard.
    In 1982 I had the options to reelist. But due to a drunk driver running me over and severe injuries to my legs pelvis and head. It knocked out any options to go back.
    I often go back to Charleston, Family there. I live in Delaware I had a tax advisory service for a while now I am asst manager for a Conv. Store Fuel Chain.
    Happy Labor Day
    Earl Lofland

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    A Company location

    Our barracks was right beside B Companys Over next to Motorpool I believe
    and right in front of Parade Deck. We had to march past B Co. to get to the Mess Hall.

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