Looking for Platoon 242 USMCRD Oct 1961
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    Looking for Platoon 242 USMCRD Oct 1961

    Found a great graduation pciture of the platoon

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    Plt 242, MRCPI

    Looks like we were in the same Plt. I still have my book from bootcamp, and the Plt pitcure also. I was starting to think their wasn't anyone around from our Plt.

    Semper Fi
    Phil Benton

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    Platoon 242

    It was great to receive your reply. I also still have my book from graduation.
    Thanks for passing along the information on Appleman. I do remember him. For comparisons sake I will have been married for 38 years on July 23. I have two daughters, Polly is 26 and Linsley is 23. Both have serious boyfriends so two marriages back to back should finish me off. What state do you live in? I only recognize Hammond as being in Indiana? I live in Woodstock, CT where I am enjoing a second career as a private school administrator. Since it's my birthday today I'll report that I'm in pretty good health for 63. Lots of aches and pains but no major illnesses...........I've been lucky.

    I'll let you know if I come across anyone else from our platoon. I am pretty sure that I can report with some certainty that Edgar G. Sloan III (my bunkmate) died some years ago. He was a 6 month reservist that had just graduated from Yale and I worked with a person at my school that was a classmate of his. One day I mentioned his name in passing and much to my surprise, he said he was dead.

    Stay in touch. SEMPER FI.........Bob

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