Shipping to MCRD SD January 8 2007
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    Shipping to MCRD SD January 8 2007

    I can't believe that this time has already come. I've been waiting for it for so long, it hasn't quite hit me like it does now. I'm always second guessing everything now to make sure it goes perfect. I'm not gonna give up there. The title is there for me to take it. I'll repost when I get back.

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    Good luck quitting is not an option!


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    Good luck see you back here as a Marine!

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    Keep your head up and your rear down. Or maybe the other way around.

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    Stay Motivated! In the words of Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday:

    "I'll tell you this: in any fight, its the guy who's willing to die,who's gonna win that inch...and I know, if im gonna have any life anymore...Its because I'm still willing to fight and die for that inch.."

    Never QUIT!

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    Those who quit never earn the title or respect. I know you will do fine and will let us know in April when you have earned the title that you have until now only desired...

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