2nd LAI BATT. ALPHA CO. Desert Shield-Desert Storm
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    2nd LAI BATT. ALPHA CO. Desert Shield-Desert Storm

    What if any, more ribbons and medals were we awarded?

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    I was discharged shortly after I returned from the Gulf. A fews years later I was informed of some more medals we rated. Who can I contact?

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    Sieber hey what was your vehicle commanders name ?

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    Vehicle Commander

    His name I dont remember, Sgt Vangarder, or similiar. Our vehicle was the Iron Mistress. My Gunny was Deardorf.

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    I thuoght that I recognized your name. Hey, this is Cpl (GySgt)Davidson I was the driver of the "IRON MISTRESS" you were the one that fell into my arms after I opened the back hatch of the LAV after it rolled you had a big old gash on top of your skull! Wow it has been a long time but hey did you find the info you needed about the awards? I can probably help you out if you need it, just let me know. Hey I have a picture of the crew when we were over there

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    Wow, you stayed in. Good for you, were else did you serve. I never got any info about what other awards were given to our unit. I was told after I got out that we got the Liberation of Kuwait medal. It was never listed on my dd214. So what unit are you with now. My email is rssllsbr@yahoo.com.

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    Get a copy of your DD-215. At times it'll have information that your DD-214 does not.

    How to get a copy of your DD-215

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    Do any of you remember the LAV's that got blown up by friendly fire near Kafji? A good friend of mine was KIA in one of the LAV's. We were in boot camp together, the way we found out it was thorough the Saudi news paper.

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    Thank for that link, really helpful.

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