...Peace is declared to which we observe still today.

But a scant four months earlier, US Marines were doing what they did best. Fight. And win.

U.S. Marine Corps

1 June, US Marines Arrive, first is heard our legendary, Marine Captain Lloyd Williams when advised to withdraw, replies, "Retreat, Hell! We just got here!" Capt. Williams would not survive the ensuing battle.

During the next three weeks our Beloved Corps would be motivated to immortality from Gunny Dan Daly, "Come on ya sons-of-*****es, ya want to live forever?" We got a job to do. No one here but us to get it done.

And our Grandfathers did the job. They cleared Belleau Wood. For 25 days of Hell on Earth, they fought, bled and won. They NEVER quit and they never failed.

They fought for life and freedom and never lost their nerve!