Winn-Dixie Bashes Marine Corps Toys For Tots Program
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    Winn-Dixie Bashes Marine Corps Toys For Tots Program

    Jacksonville, Florida – Winn-Dixie, a grocery store chain in the southern United States bashed the Marine Corps Toys For Tots program after the Marine Corps Reserve Unit in Jacksonville, Florida missed a pickup of toys Christmas Eve. The Toys For Tots contingency consisted of less than 15 Marines which covered a metro area of 1 million people. These Marines delivered over 41,300 toys to over 20,600 children.

    On December 27, 2002 News Channel 4 in Jacksonville ran a segment entitled “Toys Arrive Late For Needy Tots: Marines Miss Several Toys For Tots Drop-Off Sites”. Winn-Dixie Store Manager Lore Dasaro called News Channel 4 and complained about the Marine Corps’s effort in collecting and distributing toys. Dasaro never contacted Sgt. Tom Travers, Jacksonville’s Toys For Tots coordinator who was out delivery toys until 6:30 P.M. on Christmas Eve. Instead she went to Channel 4, possibly in hopes of making a name for herself. Here are the links to the stories:

    Original Article –

    USMC Response (scroll down to middle of page) --

    Personal Points – First of all Ms. Dasaro and Winn-Dixie should be ashamed of their actions. A group of less than 15 people were attempting to spread the joy of a Christmas to over 20,000 children. Maybe if the Marines had more people to help with this event the toys would not have been over-looked. However seeing as those Marines are being activated and deployed to go fight for this country, it would be hard to accomplish. Winn-Dixie themselves sponsors a few charitable events however they themselves do not get out in the community, drive their own vehicles, pay for their own gas or donate their time during Christmas. I would venture to say they were probably busy with their company Christmas party. What a disgrace Winn-Dixie is.

    I would suggest to all Marines and friends of Marines to make a phone call to these two Winn-Dixie offices. Both the corporate office and the local Jacksonville, FL office. Let them know that they should support the effort and not bash the effort. Here are their phone numbers: Corporate Office - (904) 783-5000, Local Office - (904) 266-8000.

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    There's no Winn-Dixies down here in San Antonio for me to
    boycott. I have boycotted Toys-R-Us for their snub of the
    Toys for Tots program.

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    First of all my question is "Why would she call the News"? What was she thinking? People are doing so much good yet someone always finds something to complain about.

    I will be placing a call. I suggest others do the same, whether you are in Florida or not.

    Semper Fi,

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    I, too, will be placing a call. I shopped at several WDs when I was stationed in the South. This store manager is a colossal piece of sh!t.

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    "The Toys For Tots contingency consisted of less than 15 Marines which covered a metro area of 1 million people. These Marines delivered over 41,300 toys to over 20,600 children."

    If I may make a suggestion.

    Anger is wasted energy. Add a little sugar to lemons and you have a better tasting lemonade.

    Win-Dixie's concern should be recognized and appreciated.

    The above quote should be presented to them. AND since they have already recognized and observed the results of the lack of manpower to support the program, they should be invited to participate next year in a more meaningful way.

    A letter should be sent to the Chairman of the Board, General Manager, and Store Manager asking for the number of Winn-Dixie employees that can be counted upon next Christmas to volunteer their time to assist the Marines and the Toys for Tots program.

    A Public Service announcement to the radio station and newspapers should be prepared and included in the letter.

    The promised announcement should include the numbers in the quote, the fact that Winn-Dixie expressed concern, was invited to to assist the local Marines and offered to provide X number of man-hour volunteers to support the program.

    (If YOU don't get the point, THEY will. The X number will be 1,000 or ZERO, the choice is THEIRS.)

    To answer the obvious question. A locally postmarked letter will get more attention than one from the Philippines.

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    1stSgt is absolutely correct. Any calls placed should not be inflamed comments. I would suggest simply asking them "why" a store manager called the News and note your disappointment with the situation and the way Winn-Dixie handled it. As of yet Winn-Dixie has not made and comment in regards to the incident or in response to Sgt. Travers letter.

    Here is a direct contact number: 904.783.5852 Ask for Terry.

    Semper Fi,

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    This is an e-mail I sent to the tv channel. I included the channel post and the paper letter.

    Shame on you.

    I'm looking at two items. One was posted on your web site and I believe announced on your news broadcast.

    The other was published in the Times-Union.

    Would you care to discuss the merits of what was gained, or lost, in the 30 seconds it took to read each piece?

    Will you accept responsibility if some of your viewers do not donate again because of you?

    I do believe that a more responsible journalist, in reporting the situation, would have said that we have a problem, the generous support of our citizens have overwhelmed the capabilities of a fifteen man volunteer unit. A lesson has been learned. Next year we will ask for volunteers to assist them in providing toys for needy children.

    You gained 30 seconds of air time or post time. The children lost. Are you proud of yourself?

    Mike Farrell
    Cagayan de Oro

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    Count me in on the boycott and phone calls. we dont have any WD in this area, but i have family in the south and have been to the WD in the past. Not anymore. 1stSgt Mike is correct. When we make our calls and complaints do it as the professionals we are. Lets not stoop to the Store Managers level.

    Semper FI!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I agree with the First Sergert. Great letter. No Winn-Dixies here. I also have some friends in the south. I will let them know.

    Semper Fi-

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    Exclamation My questions

    Did this Winn-Dixie register with the Reserves as a collection point for toys? If not, were the Marines supposed to be empowered with ESP to know that this location had boxes for pick up?

    Who in their right mind would be collecting toys up to and including Christmas Eve? Obviously, Winn-Dixie never thought about the fact the toys would have to be collected, sorted by gender and age group and then redistributed to kids in the community who had been identified.... and all that would take more than a few hours the day before Christmas!!!

    Was Winn-Dixie complaining when they got all the positive responses from customers and the community for hosting a Toys For Tots collection site? I bet they were loving the kudos and praise for being involved in the program.

    What charitable programs does Winn-Dixie run in the communities where they have stores? This one I bet is still being researched!!!

    Does Winn-Dixie think that slinging mud on the Marines and Toys For Tots actually will help to bolster their image?? Think again! Slamming an institution and this program does not make you a hero in the eyes of the public.

    **The Marine Corps response should have been crafted and developed better by public affairs. The response from the Marines should have stated facts: "The Jacksonville Winn-Dixie never registered their collection site with local Toys For Tots coordinators. This fact made it nearly impossible to know that toys were being collected and needed to be picked up." or "Although Winn-Dixie was a registered collection point, with only 15 Marines, 200 collection points, ___ square miles of territory and a limited number of vehicles and hours to accomplish the mission, unfortunately, this one site was forgotten. The Marine Corps regrets we were not able to get to these toys before Christmas, but the toys were collected and distributed to deserving children within the few days following Christmas and the real issue is the fact that the children were not forgotten."

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