Looking for Terry Roberson
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    Looking for Terry Roberson

    I have lost contact with one of the best Marines a man could ask for. He was last at my house about early 1980's. We spent time at 8th & I, MB Washington, DC, between '65 to '67. I have since moved. I believe he was from the Hattiesburg, Mississippi and/or Alabama area. If anyone knows of his whereabouts I would appreciate it. I've been searching for him for 20+ years.

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    try this web site

    I am a new user to this board, having served from '88-'92.

    Anyway, you might want to check 411.com and or switchboard.com. Both of these sites shows 3 listings for a Terry Roberson in the state of Mississippi.

    Good luck!


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    Lightbulb One way to Search

    In response to looking for Terry Roberson, actually any Marine Buddy your looking for. I offer this suggestion, which has been working for me.

    I use the Internets "White Pages" for almost all my searches, to date I have found 38 members of 3rd Bridge Company.
    Not too shabby for a Jarhead, ...
    and Proud to be one I might add.

    Knowing the first and last names, fill in those fields.
    If your not sure of the correct spelling, try a few differant spellings.

    Next the 'City' and the 'State'.

    This does a search on just that town and it's suburbs, in that State.

    Leaving the "City" BLANK, will do a State Wide Search.

    If you leave both the 'City' and the 'State' BLANK, you get a USA wide search
    and be prepared for alot of names.
    I have called 86 out of 92 looking for one person.
    (Big hint here, use a cell phone with 'FREE' minutes on the weekends and also with 'FREE' long distance.)

    Be sure to make notes on all the phone numbers you call, ex; 'left message on machine' or "No Answer," or "NOT the one"
    I do this so that on a later date, I may recall the No Answer and Machine messages, I have found that they don't always hear your message real good.

    To some of you, this may seem like a BIG JOB. But your MARINES, your tough, your better then the rest, and your looking for your Brothers, the ONLY ones who really know you.
    Besides, if it was 'EASY' someone else would get the job!


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    try this address

    I have an idea for you too. try classmates.com They also have military things there also. A girl I met while stationed in washington d.c found me there.

    Semper Fi


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