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    Just found the site. Was with 3rd Engr Bn in spring '66 SW of Da Nang out past Dia Loc sweeping route 4 or 14 - don't recall so clearly. A Co. Detachment out posted to hill 22 (Sierra) with green beanie team and ARVN HQ. Did some reconstruction and bridge building for Operation Liberty, pulled "tomato cans" off a hill top, can't recall the number. Interesting experiences for a young corpsman.

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    I was with 7TH ESB

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    Quote Originally Posted by madinfidel View Post
    I was with 7TH ESB
    Did you take the engineer test when you joined the engineer Battalion ??

    I did when I was T.A.D. with them at 2MAW at Cherry Point..

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    I was with 1st EOD... LOL I have heard about the way it was...

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    We had a 2nd Lt. who had arrived from School and he didn't know about the test that all engineers when they came on board had to take so when he showed up with attitude I'm God like we asked had he qualified yet with a 5lb Sledge and of course he said no.
    We all said you'll have to p[ass the test before you can come on board, he looked at the skipper and said is this for real. Of course the skipper knew what was up so he said yea.
    We took the 2nd.Lt. and removed hid cover which was a old olive drab 8 point cover. we put a canvas bag over him so he could see and then told him he had to swing this 5lp. and see how many time he can hit a soda can on the ground. We spun him around and when he stopped we said on the count of 3 you can swing away we put his cover on the ground buy the soda can and he went to town. Need less to say when he took off the blind fold and seen his cover smashed up he was mad as heck. He yelled I'm writing you all up .. The skipper step in and said no your not ,your part of the engineers now and that's your test welcome aboard to engineers.. thank god the skipper was cool. Heck they schooled me after I was T.A.D. to there just like the 2nd Lt. I was mad but couldn't do anything about it except to buy a new cover ..

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    LOL.... Yeah it's kinda breaking you in for the future alright... I loved the brothers I worked with, best damn battalion in the Marine Corps. Thanks for the great story brother, Semper Fi

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    I was with WES=37. It was later called MWSG.371. That was when MCAS El Toro started to move for closing in the 80s. My unit was split into three units. One was going to be at Pendleton. Another one was to be at Yuma, Arizona. And we didn't know anything about the third one.
    I was one of a few marines who stayed behind to put things together ready for the move. No one was transferred in for about almost two years.

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    CE School, Camp LeJeune 1973-1974
    2ndEngBn 1974 & 1975-1976
    WES-17, 1ST MAW, Iwakuni Japan 1974-1975

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