Do men think it's ridiculous to have women in the Marine Corp.?
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    I ask this after having a conversation with a Marine recently. He told me that he and his fellow Marines think its just not fair.

    He mentioned that the training was much different, that the women are not expected to do anywhere near what the men do....

    He also said women can not fight in combat. I did not know this.

    He went on to talk about how women go into the Marine Corp. to "get pregnant and married so that they can live off base and get a paycheck for each kid they pop out"

    Please tell me what the over all opinion of women in the Marine Corp. is, and if my friend has any truth to his thoughts.....

    Thank you

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    There are 51 posts in the Women Marine forum. I suggest you read through all of them, including the threads and all of your questions should be answered.

    If, after reading, you still have an unanswered question, you may get some answers.

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    I read every single post in this forum regarding women in the marine corp. and what I found was a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of proud fathers.

    My question was if it is the general opinion of male marines, especially marines of present time that women have no place in the corp.

    Like I said, a few friends specifically at Camp Leguene have some very strong views on this....I want to know more.....

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    My original post does seem harsh when I take another look at it, and I understand why no one would want to agree with my friend or tell of their own thoughts on females in the marine corp., especially if they are not positive thoughts.

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    Do men think women should be on the police force?
    Do men think women should be firefighters?
    Do men think women should be computer programmers?
    Do men think women should be president?
    Do women think men should be nurses?
    Do women think men should be nannies?
    Do women think men should be NEUTERED?
    Do some men think women shouldn't be in Business Quarters?

    Who cares? Some men will think what they want. Some women will think what they want. Opinions are like..oops almost said it.



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    LMAO That was funny!

    Come on Jerry! Say it! Give me another chance to bust yer chops! LOL.

    Hell, I get mine busted alla time, why should you be special!

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    Right on 'Bones' Go ahead Jerry speak out !! You have the stones ?

    And 'Gold Fish' if your friend at Lejeune said what he said about women Marines just join to "pop out kids" and collect a check then I would suggest you loose him because he is a jerk !

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    Women in the Service ??? My 2 cents

    Before I got out, in '79, they passed this question around the Company. I personally feel the same today, as I did then.

    Yes to the Military, Police, Fire Department, etc.... no big deal, with qualifications. That is:

    NO to combat OR Combat support roles. I don't like female fighter pilots either. All other roles, I have no problem with.

    AND the C.O. is reading this over my shoulder..... cold supper tonight THIS IS MY OPINION !!

    Women in Combat situations causes unique problems, and NOT JUST if captured. NOT including the strength argurement, that everyone knows can be proven wrong, women have certian physical atributes that make them battle field problems.

    Men can obviously take 'relief' at most any time or place, not only in the stand up position, but WITHOUT removing any gear. And quickly. Modesty aside, women need more time, and must shed some amount of gear.

    We know that in a pinch, rounds in the air and such, it would not be unknown to just 'GO' in your trousers, which brings up the hygene problem.

    The 'cycle' has it's own problems, but women are much more suceptible to various infections, makeing them a potential battlefield casualty, jeopardizing unit srtength, and the mission.

    And, I have stayed out of the 'how will the guys act if shes hurt, damsel in distress' thought process. We ALL know men think with there 'gun', and not always rationally.

    Now that I've stirred up a hornets nest....

    Semper Fi.


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    hornets nest hummmm

    you know why men are like bee's ???

    cuzz theys always trying to get a little hunny on um's

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    Earle Comstock
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    This is my opinion and only my opinion . Men work on logic , women work on emotion . In a fighting role , I say NO , Maybe yes to a support role , depending on the job. And definately no to being in charge of male Marines ! Cpl Comstock has spoken , at ease Marines ! Semper Fi , to men and women . Cpl Commie:rambo: Kill A Commie For Mommy

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    Terry, I must agree with you on this issue. I am the wife of a Marine. A female in combat getting shot will more thanlikely cause all her "fellow" soldiers or Marines to stop fighting to try to help her and thus we will have more casualties. Women do have a place in the military, just like anywhere else. HOWEVER they don't need to be involved in combat. I know several female and male Marines who share this opinion with me.

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    Logic and emotion? It doesn't make too much of a difference when you try to take the cubs of a female Grizzly!

    If Abdul is trying to cap my butt I am sure Sgt Mary Riley would send him to Allah him faster than you can say Jihad! We are all Marine Corps GREEN!

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    whether anyone agrees or Not.The Commandant has issued an Order to define ALL Marines as Marines. I don't believe a Marine would worry any more about a Woman Marine than he would a Brother Marine..We cover Marines asses..thats the biggest part of being Marine. Semper Fidelis To the Corps and wtf it stands for.

    I believe anyone; no matter what sex, creed or color, if Qualified for a Job; should be allowed to go for it. If then Qualified to do the job, Then Do It.

    Too many people lookin for glory and not enough looking for Excellence in their Job Performance.

    All the "hey look at me" people should get a slap up side their head.

    I think women should be Homemakers and Mothers.

    I have seen wtf the children have become after over 30 years of affirmative action and wtf society has lowered itself to..

    Leave a pup alone and they will **** all over the place.

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    Earle Comstock
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    Amen USMC0311 Amen

    Cpl Commie:rambo: Kill A Commie For Mommy:rambo:

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    Earle Comstock
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    If WM's were meant to go to battle with the men , we would be trained by the same D.I.'s , live in the barracks together , shower together etc. , etc ! But , bottom line is , we don't . There is a reason for that . This is still my opinion , and I know its shared by many of my brothers . I am a hard headed motherfvcker and you can't change my opinion . Sorry ladies , no disrespect meant toward any of you . Semper Fi , Do or Die
    Cpl Commie:rambo: Kill A Commie For Mommy :rambo:

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