Memorable Quotes actually seen in Fitness Reports
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    Cool Memorable Quotes actually seen in Fitness Reports

    Collects dracma by robbing Greek taxicabs.
    Lackluster uniform appearance.
    Average performance with above average leadership ability.
    Growth potential is limited by desire.
    Questionable decision making ability.
    The Walter Mitty of SNCOs.
    A weak and unimpressive SNCO with a deplorable appearance.
    Lost his rifle for three days while a Drill Instructor.
    Creates a crisis management atmosphere and works well within it.
    Relieved for cause for not reporting his friends use of cocaine.
    Generally equal to his peers.
    Assign him to the most efficient organization in the Marine Corps; he will fix it.
    With a beer belly like his, we should select him for Chief.
    Task oriented vice mission oriented.
    This is a GySgt filling a SSgt's billet and failing miserably.
    Fosters crisis management.
    Possesses personal magnetism.
    Enthusiastically participated in all funeral details.
    Remarkable performance.
    Primed and capable.
    Valued member.
    He's a warrior.
    Chooses courses of action which yield accurate results.
    Runs the barracks well.
    Lacks the aptitude to accomplish any long-range goals such as updating files or directives.
    Requires an inordinate amount of direct supervision in performing routine tasks.
    Content to be part of the problem vice becoming the solution.
    The lack of dedication, initiative and ability to perform duties in front of subordinates has become embarrassing.
    Once a task has been thoroughly and carefully explained, he can carry it out with only moderate supervision.
    Possesses an inability to communicate in any meaningful way.
    His ability to supervise eleven Marines is adequate.
    A jovial, overweight, non-running, R.O.A.D. GySgt.
    A good flight engineer, but not overly enamored with things Marine.
    Growth potential is probable.
    This SNCO is so big we had to estimate his body fat percentage.
    As the tempo of operations increases, performance decreases proportionally.
    Although ten pounds under his maximum weight, body fat percent is 27.2 which appears to be distributed mainly around his abdominal region.
    Reports to the Squadron area daily.
    Executes all administrative tasks with little or no attention to detail.
    Completely void of leadership qualities.
    Reluctant to be in charge of anything.
    If he lets his breath out, his belly will hit his socks.
    His best reports are the ones marked "Not Observed."
    Unfit to be called a "Marine."
    His indifferent attitude produces insignificant results.
    His personal hygiene is repugnant.
    Able to project an air of false confidence.
    Needs to be reminded to shave and get a hair cut.
    Emotionally unstable.
    The guy is a wimp.
    Received a grade of "No Funding" on FSMAO analysis.
    Field sobriety testing resulted in a DUI while filling the billet of SACO.
    Needs to be reminded that being a SNCO is a 24-hour commitment.
    Couldn't lead a drunk to happy hour.
    Relieved for complete and total incompetence.
    In time of combat, I desire this Marine as a parapet.
    This guy's been gathering nuts for the winter.
    He presents an outstanding appearance in uniform and never looses his soldierly bearing.
    Eagerly awaiting a gradual increase in responsibility.
    Can juggle cotton balls in a typhoon.
    As regimental special services chief, he doesn't display the force to get the job done.
    Hasn't received a "Particularly Desire" on a report since 1986.
    Produces acceptable results no matter how routine the tasks are.
    A step behind his peers.
    Attempted mutiny against the Adjutant.
    Bribed the clerks to be her friends.
    A former recruiter who could charm a snake.
    Caught stealing socks from the MCX.
    Considers his insidious attitude an asset.
    Next to useless, he is talentless.
    Could be satisfactorily replaced by a brick. In time of war, I'd rather have a vacancy in my organization.
    Looks like a bruised pear in a wrinkled set of Charlies.
    By a GS-11: "I'd prefer not to have him in my unit in combat."
    A routine E-8. He passes the PFT with effort.
    Indifferent to his limited technical knowledge.
    Not one of our celebrated Marines.
    The Pillsbury Dough Boy is done, and it's time to take him out of the oven.
    A water-walker in rough seas.
    Requires supervision for tasks of a routine nature.
    Indulgent and fault finding.
    Duty is not a priority.
    A difficult SNCO.
    Overweight by three bowling balls.
    Did not send a picture in; his command did not have a wide-angle lens
    Advice to the CO is always appropriate, relevant and born of his prior experience in uniform.
    A diligent watchdog of the Marines' interests.
    Saltier than a pair of 30-mile socks.
    Put forth minimum effort and achieved minimal results.
    Creates turmoil and confusion.
    Retirement is his primary objective.
    Secures results through drive rather than leadership.
    Over the past decade fought a quite frustrating and elusive battle against weight control.
    Has a problem trimming nose hairs.
    The worst SNCO I've ever worked with.
    Lethargic and complacent.
    Avoids responsibility.
    Learns at a moderate pace.
    Adequately fails the PFT on a continual basis.
    Bravado without substance.
    Eminently unstable.
    His picture looks like a bag tied in the middle.
    He refused a lawful order to stand on the scales.
    A victim of circumstances.
    In a combat situation, he was passing the word from the rear instead of the front.
    Maintains his own sense of urgency.
    Sometimes is hesitant to carry out tasks which he feels may be unpopular with the troops.
    Presents a clean appearance and now wears clean uniforms, but still needs to lose weight.
    Cannot be counted upon to accomplish any task expeditiously.
    Hasn't seen his belt since 1978.
    I remember him from ten years ago; he was substandard then and hasn't improved since.
    Has spent most of his time manipulating the system and avoiding his MOS.
    Fails to understand the proper role of a SNCO.
    Seems satisfied with the status quo.
    Causes confusion among subordinates.
    Achieves unusually adequate results.
    Hasn't seen the football since the kickoff.
    Has the Midas touch.
    Would be lost in a troop handling position.
    Can write decently if pressed, but prefers not to.
    Puts new meaning in "shrink-to-fit" shirts.
    Overall effectiveness as a leader is reduced by forgetfulness, carelessness and inattention to detail, especially when it applies to uniform regulations.
    Talks when he should be listening.
    Sacrifices quality for quantity.
    Hampered by his inability to read, write and speak.
    Unable to lead his platoon in PT.
    Requires constant reminding and prodding to complete the simplest of tasks.
    Results are usually unreliable.
    Fails to live up to the low standards he sets for himself.
    Has a "Pied Piper" effect on Marines.
    Stubborn, inflexible, and can't follow orders.
    Works long hours, but doesn't always display the organizational ability to get things done.
    Could improve by buying serviceable utilities, getting his finances under control, and deciding to exert leadership in his occupational specialty.
    Cannot evaluate in drill, physical fitness or leadership due to continuous light duty; otherwise; needs improvement in rehearsing oral presentations, preparing for questions by students, and paying attention to accuracy and timeliness of his paperwork.
    Saw combat duty while serving as a recruiter in Detroit.
    He's a nice guy.
    Uncomplicated tasks of short duration are completed easily; however,...
    Best suited for duties where stress and long hours are not a prerequisite.
    Looks and speaks like an expert, but doesn't always perform like one.
    Taciturn when forced to expand his horizons.
    The most inept, lethargic and ineffective SNCO I've ever worked with.
    Was found many times in the middle of the day lying asleep in his rack.
    Unless he takes drastic measures to realign his priorities and demonstrate a modicum of leadership, he has no potential for further development.
    Incredibly egregious behavior.
    Manifestly unsatisfactory.
    Participates in all social events.
    Most qualified to be a lstSgt due to his degree in zoology.
    The GySgt is fat; he was fat years ago, and is still fat today.
    A fish out of water.


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    Blames subordinates for his deficiencies.
    Barely completes minor tasks assigned.
    No confidence; his demeanor can be best described as limp.
    Looks like he has cotton balls in his mouth.
    Completely deficient in those basic skills required of a Marine.
    His production fell when his conduct was under more close scrutiny.
    Exhibited little genuine interest in developing subordinates.
    If he paid as much attention to his duties as to his personal appearance, he'd be outstanding.
    Although not obese,...
    Consistent, right or wrong.
    Excuses are many, results are few.
    Somewhat colorless.
    A "milk toast" leadership style.
    This GySgt is truly interested in becoming a Marine SNCO.
    This SNCO's peaks and valleys are mountains and canyons.
    He has no business being classified as a technical expert.
    A serene SNCO.
    He means well.
    Enjoys talking on the telephone; would make a good career recruiter.
    Follows the path of least resistance.
    Capable of excelling when closely supervised.
    Sometimes ignores the rules and policies, which he expects his troops to follow.
    Unless he overcomes his literacy handicap, his growth potential will remain stagnant.
    A "good ol' boy."
    Usually completes projects before they're assigned.
    Not an original thinker.
    Relieved for caressing and kissing an Army private.
    He's turning off more applicants he's than turning on.
    I hope they took that picture fast; he could have passed out from sucking it in.
    He has more rolls than a bakery.
    Convicted of fraternization; assault with a friendly weapon.
    MRO's concept of leadership is to publicly denigrate the platoon.
    Has no grasp of the where-abouts of his people or equipment.
    Would rather follow than lead.
    Nothing on this Marine fits, including his glasses.
    Presents a superficial military presence.
    I've seen some soft section C's, but this guy's are quicksand.
    Occasionally uses his technical knowledge.
    A rhino-like toughness.
    Incredibly egregious behavior.
    Possesses down-home common sense.
    Somebody get a rope!
    Quiet, insipid, taciturn and tedious with a morose and retiring disposition.
    A rather rotund individual.
    Practices preventive leadership.
    Relies on his high blood pressure as an excuse for maintaining a low stress existence.
    Would be well served by spending more time at work and less in the weight room.
    Note that the reporting senior marked him as "Happy to Have."
    Worked all hours to maintain a menagerie of outdated Turkish equipment
    Jumps to erroneous conclusions.
    Excellent personal appearance and an exceptional conversationalist, but frequently loses his military bearing.
    Various forms of counseling have failed to produce an acceptable level of performance.
    An intelligent SNCO possessing excellent potential who has consistently frustrated his reporting seniors with substandard performance.
    This fitness report reeks of good things about him.
    E7 (name)...



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    A lot of these I would laugh at as if they were a joke. Trouble is, I've prepped a lot of FITREPS for one CO or another and I can tell you that stuff like this does indeed make it on to a Marine's FITREP.

    No real reason for the dancing banana. I just felt like throwing it up there.

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    Too bad some of these people slip through the cracks even in the Marine Corps, but as long as we recruit from the human race it will continue to be so.

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    These reports reflect as much on the reporting seniors as the do about the men being reported on.

    A leader's performance evaluation is determined by the performance of those he leads.

    Or was that only in the 'old Corps"?

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