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    What constitutes the duties of a combat engineer. I am currently a Mechanical Engineering student about to graduate in Dec 06 and want to join the Marines upon graduating. I know engineering in the Corps is probably nothing like civilian engineering duties but I would like to know reguardless. I figure it would be the best MOS fitting my degree, but then again I really have no idea so thats why im looking for the advice.

    Thanks again,

    Dan Dietrich
    Charlotte, NC

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    I have to ask, why are you not considering becoming an Officer of Marines? With a degree in engineering, I would guess you would be an attractive candidate.

    Regardless, Marine combat engineers build things (like base defenses, etc) and they blow things up (like enemy base defenses...). If you want to know the particulars, I am sure someone around here can fill you in.

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    Seriously, look at OCS. I did four years as a combat engineer for 2mardiv and I can tell you that if you have a degree or are on your way to having one, the enlisted end may dull your mind a little. As a combat engineer, you will train and be profficient in the following areas: everything. You will patrol with the 03's. You will not be liked. You will know IED's, how to sweep for mines, urban demolition, obstacle construction, field fortification, bridging, bridge and route reconnaisance, as well as a slew of other things they won't teach you in engineer school. If you need further information, let me know.

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