CNN Gloats Supreme Court Decision But Wait
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    Smile CNN Gloats Supreme Court Decision But Wait

    Earlier this morning CNN announced the Supreme Court Decision and analized it as a great loss for the administration. World CNN made it sound as if the terrorist must be let go and Guantanimo be closed. Not true. Like most 1st reports this was wrong, the decision hasn't been fully analized but one thing is clear the terrorist will not be going anywhere soon.

    Tony Snow in his briefing made it perfectly clear. If congress writes a statue giving the president authorization the tribunal, commission, courts martial, call it what you like can go forward. The Supreme Court did not address releasing any prisoners, but did say they came under the Geneva Convention, which I totally disagree with. But the good news is they are not going back to their homelands to commit more crimes against our troops or anyone else. Now is the time for Congress to stand up and give the authorization the administration needs to bring the murderers to justice.

    What the Supreme Court has really done is given the president the opportunity to put the Congress on record as being for or against bringing these terrorist to justice. Now the Congress will have to decide if the president is right in carrying out Military Tribunals or give them the right to civilian courts. I don't believe Congress will be stupid enough to say try them in civilian courts with all the rights of typical Americans, but I'm betting they will say Ok Mr. President set up the tribunals. There probably will be a fight with some Democrats wanting to release all terrorist back to their home countries and set free to carry on their terrorist ways, pray this does not happen.

    Bottom line all the Congressmen and Senators that have been pounding this president in the way he is fighting this war must now tell him how to treat captured terrorist. It will be interesting to watch.

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    I watched Tony Snow while he was reading over the supreme judges outline,and it was mumbo-jumbo attny wording,there will be loop holes thats for sure.He stated that there smartest attny's are going over it to siffer it. As Paul Harvey would say; ~STAND BY FOR NEWS ~

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    Wink Mumbo Gumbo

    If you had listened to Tony Snow's briefing with an opened mind you would have heard him say he was not a attorney but what the decision said was the only thing wrong with what the administration was doing was they didn't have congressional authorization. Headline today in NYT(Al-Jazeera Times) PRESIDENT REBUKED BY SUPREME COURT, not so fast. After further review CNN is backing off from their gleeful comments. It's beginning to look like congress will give authorization for the administration to carry out the very same tribunals the liberal media was calling unconsitutional.

    Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt all used Military Tribunals to try, convict, and execute enemies of America. The only difference between then and now is those were Declaration of Wars by congress. I submit if Congress declared this an official war the Supreme Court may have decided differently.

    I am sure there will be a bitter fight in congress on how they go forward with GITMO, but in the end I hope they have the backbone to stand up and do the right thing. To give these people rights afforded by the Gevena Convention, the same rights they denied our 2 soldiers that were slaughterd recently, is something our congress should think long and hard about. Nothing in our Constitution says our Congress in a time of war cannot amend a treaty, or sections of a treaty, if it is in the interest of our country. The Geneva Convention has articles that each participating country signs off on individually. Countries can sign off on every article or refuse to sign certain articles they disagree with and in theory not be bound by those articles. I would suggest they take another look at the Article the Supreme Court cited and take a chance on withdrawing from this treaty when it comes to the treatment of terrorist. Only my opinion, Semper Fi

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    After listening to the polititicians running the news and talk show circuit it's beginning to sound like they may do the right thing, for a change. Some of the leadership in both parties are saying they will give the President the tools (Military Tribunals) to try the terrorist. They also say they will take up the question of "rights" for terrorists under the Geneva Convention and exempting Al Qaeda types from protection of the convention. This is nothing new, President Reagan exempted terrorist from protection during his presidency and it was perfectly legal. The majority of Americans and I would guess every Marine will agree terrorist have NO rights under this treaty or the UCMJ.

    While some of the things polititions are saying is probably because they are running scared during an election year I really don't care. AS LONG THEY DO NOT TRY THESE PEOPLE IN CIVILIAN COURTS OR GIVE THEM COVER UNDER THE GENEVA CONVENTION, I'LL BE HAPPY.

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