Any Camp Pendleton Marines?
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    Any Camp Pendleton Marines?

    Hey all I am a neb on here. I am checking to see if there are any Camp Pendleton Marines on here.

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    what do you do? where do you work?

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    Well I was STATIONED with 2/1 . I was in Golf co. I was 31

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    Do you mean if they, errr, we are three currently or ever were on Camp Pendleton?
    Quote Originally Posted by Born Invincible
    Hey all I am a neb on here. I am checking to see if there are any Camp Pendleton Marines on here.

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    Outlaw 3179, I was with E co, 2/1 from 67 through 69. In Pendelton in 67, ship to Nam and was at Quang Tri, Phu Bia, Camp Carrol, Con Thien, Khe Sanh, Danang. Sgt. Skrdlant

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    I was there from 97 to 01, in Golf Co. Awesome to talk to another "Proffesional"

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    Well, if it is anyone who was at Camp Pendleton, it would be over half the Corps, since all hollywood types visit there for rifle range and follow up infantry training is at Pendleton. Probably a good portion of PI Marines after they enter the fleet would also pay visits to Pendleton.

    The same could prolly be said of Camp Lejeune, also...

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    Noppppp ! I was thier 65-66-left to El Toro,then back Pendleton 12/67 MOS was 3531.. all the places that Dskrdlant was at are just about the same for me

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    Past or current... when i mean stationed i don't mean TAD/TDY. I mean PCS/PCA'd to Camp Pendleton

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    Was stationed at SanMato 62/63 with H&S Co. 1/1. was a 0341 at that time.

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    1/1 is now stationed a little further south on camp pendleton @ camp horno as is all of 1st Marine Regiment along with 1/4

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    Was with Alpha 1/4 in Nam 66/67

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    MPCo 1st Marine Division Hqbn Camp Margarita 1988-1992.

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    Smile MCB Camp Pen

    There 1972-1974 H&S Co. Schools Bn Motor Transport Next to tanks,amtracs and Recon. also Comm School and Artillery School

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