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    Cool Quotable Marine Quotes

    "It's a funny thing, but, as years go by, I think you appreciate more and more what a great thing it was to be a United States Marine... I am a U.S. Marine and I'll be one till I die."
    - Ted Williams, Baseball Hall of Famer

    I earned my stripes as a Marine, and the Corps gets full credit for straightening me out. At 17, I was young, I was unhappy, and most of all, I was undisciplined. The Marine Corps was the right service in the right place at the right time."
    - Art Buchwald, prize-winning syndicated columnist and humorist

    "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference, and our Marines don't have that problem."
    - President Ronald Reagan, 1985

    The American Marines have it [pride], and benefit from it. They are tough, cocky, sure of themselves and their buddies. They can fight and they know it."
    - General Mark Clark, U.S. Army

    "There was always talk of espirit de corps, of being gung ho, and that must have been a part of it. Better, tougher training, more marksmanship on the firing range, the instant obedience to orders seared into men in boot camp..."
    - James Brady, columnist, novelist, and television personality

    "I am convinced that there is no smarter, handier, or more adaptable body of troops in the world."
    - Prime Minister of Britain Winston Churchhill

    The Marine Corps taught me that I could achieve my goals. In short, the Marines made me believe in myself."
    - Gregory Alan-Williams, award winning actor and author

    "Every Marine is, first and foremost, a rifleman. All other conditions are secondary."
    - General A.M. Gray, USMC

    Fine! We have contact with the enemy on all sides!"
    - Col Chesty Puller, when asked how he was doing during the battle out of the Chosin Reservoir, Korean War

    "Today, the world looks to America for leadership. And America looks to its Corps of Marines."
    - Commander-in-Chief President Ronald Reagan

    "Lying offshore, ready to act, the presence of ships and Marines sometimes means much more than just having air power or ship's fire, when it comes to deterring a crisis. And the ships and Marines may not have to do anything but lie offshore. It is hard to lie offshore with a C-141 or C-130 full of airborne troops."
    - Gen. Colin L. Powell, USA

    "...at all times ready and prompt in the execution of any duty."
    - Col Robert E. Lee, Harper's Ferry, 1859.

    "I can't say enough about the two Marine divisions. If I use words like 'brilliant,' it would really be an under description of the absolutely superb job that they did in breaching the so-called 'impenetrable barrier.' It was a classic- absolutely classic- military breaching of a very very tough minefield, barbed wire, fire trenches-type barrier."
    - Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, Commander, U.S. Central Command, February 1991



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    Thumbs up Nice Thread Roger

    I too needed a place to belong. I didn't realize until later after basic that I was with an extremely close family. Even closer now that I've been out for awhile. I do not believe there is any closer Family, closer Bond, than our Marine Brothers and Sisters.

    "I knew you'd either make it or you wouldn't son. I'm proud of you".
    My Father

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    Cool more Quotes

    "It is friendship, and something beyond friendship, that binds the Marine Corps together."
    - Donald T. Regen, Secretary of the Treasury under President Ronald Reagan

    "The raising of that flag means a Marine Corps for the next five hundred years."
    - Secretary of State James Forrestal following the Flag Raising at Iwo Jima

    "Panic sweeps my men when they are facing the American Marines!"
    - Captured North Korean Major

    "My only answer as to why the Marines get the toughest jobs is because the average Leatherneck is a much better fighter. He has far more guts, courage, and better officers... These boys out here have a pride in the Marine Corps and will fight to the end no matter what the cost."
    - 2nd Lt. Richard C. Kennard, Peleliu, World War II

    "I liked being in the Marines. They gave me discipline I could live with. By the time I got out, I was able to cope with things on a more realistic level."
    - Steve McQueen, movie star



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    Once a Corporal. Forever a Marine.

    Jerry D. 1962-1966

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