Marine Corps 2005 Mint Silver Dollar
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    Marine Corps 2005 Mint Silver Dollar

    Greetings all,

    Just curious if anyone knows where I could find a 2005 Marine Corps Silver Dollar in good condition besides E-Bay at a reasonable price? :qmark:

    Thanks and regards,


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    I was going to post that you could get it from the US Mint, that's where I got mine, but I see now that they are "not available" anymore. I did a quick search and see that a web site - has them for $89.50. And there were many hits for e-bay.

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    I've Got Mine.

    I'll check into it.


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    They are going to be hard to find. My father preordered his before they were released because he knew that Marines are fanatics about being Marines and they would hoard them all. It's a beautiful coin.

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    Hi again everyone,

    Sorry for the delay in acknowledging your replies. I just discovered I had never undated my new email address on this forum ... old age does does these kind of things to you

    I appreciate all the replies. At the time the coin came out I was having computer trouble and to make a long story short the 'coin' slipped by mind ... what is left of it!

    Thanks and regards,


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    Top: I just this week bought two coins for Christmas gifts. Got them at Texican Coin & Bullion Co. here in Tyler, TX; proof coin for $71.25 and uncirc for $62.50. or Kindest regards and SF, G. Hall, w-3-1, 1950-1951 (PFC)

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    Hi Gary,

    I appreciate the information.

    Thanks and regards,


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