Creatine while preparing for the Marine Corps?
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    Creatine while preparing for the Marine Corps?

    First of all allow me to introduce myself. I'm 18 and plan to join the Corps after high school with an infantry MOS very possibly. Although i haven't been in DEP yet i've been preparing myself both mentally and physically for what life might be like in the Marine Corps. That being said, i have weighed the effects of creatine and seem to think it would be benefitial atleast while still in civilian clothes. However i would like to hear some opinions on using creatine while training for the Marine Corps. Especially Since one of the major drawbacks of creatine seem to be that the effects greatly diminish once you get off the drug, obvioulsy you can't take it in bootcamp. On the other hand, it would be usefull as a training aid, i think atleast. Any thoughts would be appreciated,

    Thanks in advance, Dan

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    Drugs? Why buy or take drugs?
    What's going to happen when you can't take it anymore?
    I wouldn't want someone covering my 6 whos performance couldn't be relied on because they were on drugs.
    You have the only drug you need to inhance your preformance.
    It's called HEART
    Pull your self up by the boot straps boy - suck it in and DO IT.

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    Tobe unless you are hitting the weight pile, hard, for 1-1/2- 2 hrs a day creatine will have little benefit for you. It is designed for quick muscle recovery from power lifting routines and you want endurence more than power. Also you might be more carefull about saying that your taking DRUGS when all your realy taking is a nutritional supplement. save your self the money and just use carnation instant breakfast, much more bang for the $.

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    Balance meals, plenty of rest, and follow the P.T. program your recruiter should have briefed you on.

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    Forget the drugs...I'm in the medical field.

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    Let me tell you personally, they won't do any good. There were guys there that could bench press two of me, but they couldn't run or do anything else worth a damn. I'm a medium build thank God. Stay "lean and mean" and you shouldn't have any trouble with anything. I lost some mass at recruit training, but I gained 15 lbs. My mass went down, but my muscles got a whole lot more dense. If you want a load of creatine, eat tuna. It has a butt load of natural creatine in it!

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    Everytime we went on a 25 mile hump we had at least 20 people rushing to the hospital because they took creatine before going out.

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    Creatine Increases stores of Creatine phosphate in muscle used for ATP-PC anaerobic energy system. Some benefits demonstrated during short-term, high intensity exercise, but negated if ingested with caffeine. Gastrointestinal side effects and dehydration may also occur.

    Other sites of interest:

    Great, let's increase our chances for dehydration while on that 20-mile conditioning hike (a.k.a. forced march, hump, etc... I hate the pc era...) If you have to take supplements, you are either weak minded (no self-discipline) or don't have the physical attributes to be a Marine in the first place... try the Peace Corps...

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    You cannot prepare yourself mentally for military life. That's something we're gonna be taught in Boot Camp.

    It takes your own strength and a strong will not drugs. I have the strong will but not physical strength yet.

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    If you aren't preparing yourself mentaly for our beloved Corps before bootcamp then you are headed towards a train wreck. Would you expect to pass a test in school just by showing up for it ? Ever hear the phrase Improvise, Overcome, and Adapt ? Well none of that happens if you show up unprepared and stand there thinking WTF is going on. Checkout odc25's responses from the thread two lines down and see what your attitudeshould be.

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    Aye Sir. One question though. How do I prepare yourself for a life that a civilian like me has no idea about? I know basically what to expect in boot camp. Only things I'm nervous about are the 11 General Orders. Can never remember the exact wording of some of them. And the long range running.

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    TracGunny knows what's going on...Boaznaiman; why do you eant to be a Marine? Are you sure you know what to expect in bootcamp? I've been in bootcamp all my life (it seems).. I had a life sentence (Dad is a Marine)..then to make matters worse>>I'm engaged to a Marine. WhAT IS THE 11TH GENERAL ORDER BOAZ?

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    you will have to be willing to accept a few things.
    1 you WILL screw up and catch hell for it.
    2 your fellow recruits WILL screw up and you will catch hell.
    3 anything you do could be done better, faster, etc
    4 you will no longer exist only recruit boaz will
    5 are you willing to pay any price to earn the title of Marine

    These are just a few but any Marine on here will be glad to help you out with any other ?

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    @ "To be especially watchful at night and, during the time for challenging, to challenge all persons on or near my post, and to allow no one to pass without proper authority". and as to why I want to join the Marines? I don't see any career path. If I join, I'll be doing something worthwhile for myself and my country.

    @ woodman: Yes I know. I'd actualy be "Recruit Naiman". Boaz is my first name. Believe me, woodman, when I say: There is nothing I won't dare. I know I won't hear any kind of congratulations from the Senior Drill Instructor or his subordinates until after the Crucible. I'm a very optimistic man. I've been through a lot of **** in life. It takes a lot to bring me down.

    Also when I said that you cannot prepare for military life, I meant the real thing, not boot camp

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    OK Boaz & Tobes50

    Maybe I was a little harsh in the first response
    So let's give it a little additional info

    You want to make it in our Beloved Corps?

    Start by doing "push ups"
    When you think you've done all that you can do add about 100

    How about "jumping jacks"?
    Like those?
    They're fun & easy
    Do them for 15 or 20 minutes at a fast pace
    When you're exhausted do another 15 or 20 minutes

    How about walking
    We all learned it at about 14 ~ 16 months old
    Go for a BRISK walk with large steps
    Walk about 2 hours in a straight line
    REMEMBER you've got to return

    How about a 10 lb. bag of sugur?
    Hold it in front of you at arms length until your arms feel like they're going to fall off --- then hold it for another 5 minutes

    Hold the same bag over your head repeat the process

    When you have a fly or misquito walking on you IGNORE IT
    When you have a pain or a cramp IGNORE IT

    How about going to your Aunt's for the afternoon?
    Your friends are at the beach but you've got to cut her grass and clean up around her house

    How about letting your sister/brother watch that special program on TV?
    But the game is on!

    When someone is in your face PAY ATTENTION TO THEM
    That's the one trying to teach you how to save your A** & the A**es of your brothers

    PHYSICAL & MENTAL decipline is the answer

    You can be 5' 4' or 6' 10" it is in YOUR HEART
    You have to resolve yourself to DO IT

    When all else fails ---- LOOK IN THE MIRROR
    The person looking back is YOU

    Are you happy with what you see?

    Look back through the advice you've gotten here
    From an E-9 to an E-1
    We've earned The Title
    (and from CJ a person who's been around the Corps for life)
    It's not impossible

    Get your hearts & minds in the right place boys

    Maybe some of my examples were a little lame

    Cpl. Woodman describes it well in the message above this one.

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