Parliament picks leader for Somalia around the world
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    Cool Parliament picks leader for Somalia around the world

    Parliament picks leader for Somalia around the world

    NAIROBI, Kenya - Members of Somalia's transitional parliament Sunday elected a former army colonel as interim president, the final stage of a peace plan meant to end 13 years of civil war.

    Col. Abdullahi Yusuf won with 189 votes in a third round of voting, Shariif Hassan Sheikh Aden told the 275-member transitional parliament and regional foreign affairs ministers, who observed the vote.

    Former Finance Minister Abdullahi Addow garnered 79 votes in the last round, which narrowed the race to two candidates after none of the original 28 won a majority, said Aden, the parliament speaker.

    The vote was held in Kenya because of a lack of security in Somalia, where the country is divided into fiefdoms controlled by warlords. Thousands of people have been killed in the war.


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    Somalia Parliament Sacks New Government

    Sat Dec 11,11:31 AM ET

    By RODRIQUE NGOWI, Associated Press Writer

    NAIROBI, Kenya - Somalia's parliament passed a motion of no-confidence against the new prime minister and his Cabinet on Saturday, an official said, effectively sacking a government that had been expected to restore order to the country after 13 years of anarchy and war.

    The deputy speaker of the 275-member transitional parliament Dalhar Omar said 153 members voted against Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Gedi, accusing him of failing to respect power-sharing arrangements reached in complex talks involving warlords and leaders of the country's main clans.

    Somali President Abdulahi Yusuf Ahmed plans to dispute the no-confidence vote, his spokesman Yusuf Mohamed Ismail said.

    But the president does not have final authority. Talks were under way between the president, Cabinet and the secretary of the parliament to resolve the crisis, the spokesman said.

    The president swore in Gedi's Cabinet on Dec. 1. The new government included warlords, clan leaders and technocrats and had been expected to establish the first effective central government since 1991.

    The country of 7 million has been split among clan-based militias since dictator Mohamed Siad Barre was ousted in 1991. More than 500,000 people have died since Barre's fall and some 2 million have been driven from their homes, 1.5 million of them refugees in neighboring countries.

    Somalia's civil war has devastated the country's physical infrastructure, and Yusuf's government has no civil service, treasury or even buildings to meet in. Since Yusuf's clan doesn't control Mogadishu, the government is unable to return to the capital until security is assured by warlords recruited to serve in the new government.

    The transitional parliament sits in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, because it is not safe enough to go to Somalia. Regional leaders had expected the new government to return to Somalia by year's end.

    Thirteen previous peace efforts formed two governments that failed because they never managed to take effective control of the country.


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    what? Bill Clinton didnt pick the new goverment?

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    Phantom Blooper
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    You mean they are still at war?

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    Tell me again what's in Somalia to give a crap about? If they had a half-assed navy to threaten the Oil Straights, yes we'd have Strategic National Interests.

    It wouldn't take a full Carrier Group to secure the Straits. An Aegis Cruiser group with a SEAL team could shut them down.

    Otherwise, we need our Rangers in and about Kabul. (Do we have any units in North Pakistan looking for Osama 9/11? Shhh...I won't tell anyone else).

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