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    Building 1308 Lejuene, 1969 1970, and a bunch of other spots.i am getting old guy's..and typing this while a Black Burmese pussy, sits on the keyboard. yeah I went and adopted a Cat. hardcore Marine with a cat.go figure. anyways good to see this place is still up. RON 68 1968/74 Semper -Fi may we all live another round

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    Comm Co, Hq Bn, 2nd Mar Div, Camp Lejeune.

    October 1964 to October 1965.

    Came close to going to Dom Rep April 1965 when entire base was put on alert.
    Only the Air Naval Gunfire platoon and others who were constantly training in the field were chosen to go.

    Bldg 1740 (long gone) was our communications compound, some distance away from our barracks.

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    I have a Question is the old Hospital still part of FMF Lant or did they tore it down last time iwas there was 22 years ago back in 1992

    Semper Fi

    Stephen Doc Hansen HM3 FMF

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    FMF- is there something else? I mean... if you're an amtracker I don't think so! Camp Del Mar 1962 - Camp Schwab 1962-63- BLT (USS Alamo LSD-33) 1963, Del Mar 64-65, Camp Schawb 65, Chu-Lai 65-66.

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    1st Marine division 11th motor transport Battalion Charley co. Da Nang So.VN.

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    Charlie Battery 2nd LAAM Bn - 29 Palms May & June 1963. I ended up back in LAAM Bn at Cherry Point in Sept 1964 but by that time LAAM Bn's had been transferred from FMF to the Wing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by radio relay View Post
    Hmmm, don't see any RVN Marines piping up. FYI, if you were attached to 3rd MAF (3rd Marine Amphibious Force), which everyone in RVN, in 1970, was (and I suspect the years prior, also), then you were also FMF PAC (Fleet Marine Force Pacific).
    Hmm...if that's the case it appears I can chime in.

    USS Princeton LPH-5 - BLT 1/5 - W/2/11 - all Ops with the Fighting Fifth.
    Feb. 15 '66 we departed Long Beach for a 2 day stop in Hawaii for supplies then off to P.I.
    Spent a couple days there, a 3 day (I think) field training Op on Mindoro and a 10 mile forced march.
    Then off to VN....first Op was Jackstay beginning 3/26/66.
    After two Ops (Jackstay and Osage) we docked at Chu Lai (May 8, 1966), climbed down the rope ladder onto small troop transports heading into Chu Lai.

    We only passed through Chu Lai for supplies/ammo and then we headed north.

    Carry on....a safe weekend to all.

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    Sep 65 -Nov 66 9th MEB - Republic of Vietnam - I Corps.

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    1st Marine Brigade Hawaii
    WESTPACS: USS Tarawa, USS Vancouver, USS Okinawa
    1st Platoon, Golf 2/3. '78 - '80
    STA Platoon, Weapons Co. 2/3 '80 - 82

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    1967 -1969 FMF West PAC
    3/27th Marines H7S Comm Fac team 1967 -1969 5th Div sometimes Opcon 1st Div RVN
    1st Marines Regt. Comm assistant Radio chief RVN
    5th Amtracs. H&S Co BN Radio Chief 1969

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    1958, 1st 75mm Anti-Aircraft (SkySweeper) Battalion that was disbanded in 1960 and re-formed as the 1st Light Anti-Aircraft Missile Battalion or 1st LAAM Battalion replacing the 75MM guns with the Hawk Missile.*TAD, in 1960 I participated in Operation "Blue Star," Taiwan (Formosa) a joint Navy, Marine, Air Force amphibious operation, the largest amphibious operation in the Western Pacific since the landings at Inchon, Korea. I was in 1st LAAM until 1962.
    Click image for larger version

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    just a note about "lock & load" he was Chris Sarno from Medford Mas---well read writer often sought out for his knowledge about the Korean war----He passed away last year from complications of diabetes---it was my pleasure to know Chris & his family his younger brother Bob & I served together briefly as he had 4 days to go when I was going to water supply school in 1960--we ended up together again working for the local gas comp retired together in 98 we remain the best of friends to this day

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    sounds like you were in about the same time as I was. I was on the USS Princeton going to 1st MAW HQ as chief legal clerk, been so long ago but I think it was sometime in 64. If I remember correctly some went to Vietnam and some of us went to Japan like I did. I belong to the official "Old Farts Club" am 73 now so without trying to find my old orders I have to try to use an old mans memory!!

    Spent 3 years at working in Pendletons 1st Division Hqs legal office before I transferred to Japan. Had to extend my enlistment 4 months to be able to go to Iwankuni and then when Vietnam broke out big time a large group of Marines were extended 4 months so I put 8 months in longer than I originally signed for. Last couple of months were spent at Quantico which I didn't care for, the officers there were a lot different than Wing officers, Quantico was the show place for the Marines as far as I could tell.

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    I company 3/6 2nd Marines 86-88. Marine Rifleman and Radio Operator.

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    1971: 1/1 1stMarDiv RVN
    1971-1971: 2/7 1stMarDiv CamPen
    1978-1980: 4/10 2dMaDiv CamLej
    1984-1986: 3DMaintBn/9hMTBn 3D FSSG Okinawa
    1989-1991: 2SupBn/CSSD MarForSWA/BSSG-9 Okinawa
    1992: HqBn 1stMarDiv CamPen
    1992: 1st SRIG CamPen
    1998-2000: 10th Marines Camej

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