Marine Lic Plts(Ill)
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    Post Marine Lic Plts(Ill)

    Hey Illinois Marines....Sec of State is considering cancelling the new USMC lic plts due to lack of interest! Please email or write to
    Joyce Ballard @ JBallard@ILSOS.NET ....or write:
    Secretary of State 501 S 2ndSt Rm 312 Springfield,Il 62756
    Attn: Joyce
    Illinois is long overdue to show our pride in the Marines via lic plts..... lets' let 'em know!!! Semper Fi

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    Arrow E-Mail & Snail Mail On The Way...

    ...I've got 2 POVs & planned on getting the new plates when the registration came due in Aug & Sep. Thanks for posting this.

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    Thanks for the heads-up! Got generic plates on the way - was told there aren't any service-specific or conflict- specific (except for Korea, and I don't begrudge those Vets for the privilege). Sent a yell downstate about the service plates and to see if I can trade mine in for the Corps model.

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