whos money ???
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Thread: whos money ???

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    whos money ???

    Does Biden wanna spend building a "port" in Gaza for Hamas & Hazbolah ??

    Go ahead,
    make a guess.......

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    Ed, no matter what the Demos say it's for, you can bet your azz there is an underlying reason for it.

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    With the current left sided Administration and others,

    AMERICA is LAST...

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    Y'all, remember we are a Country of giving. American tax-payers are demanding the Government to raise income taxes so there is more money to give to other Countries. Most Cities in America have multiple donation centers for the "Support Another Country". Citizens in America find it almost spiritual to be able to supply other Countries with all the money they have left over after paying their own bills. The really great part is it makes no difference to us if it's a Country that hates us enough to extinguish us. We come close to orgasm when we give our enemies the weapons to fight against us. It's truly a great Country that will run into a burning building to save the Country that intentionally started the fire.

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