Tornado season is upon us once again. I have a crazy story from my time in. 1975 Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville AL. MOS training for Ammunition Tech. We lived in quonset huts. We had a standing proceedure for Tornado Warnings. We were to fall out to the parking lot in formation, and wait for busses to pick us up and transport us approx. 1/2 a mile to a brick building where we could hunker down in the hallways. One night we had a very nasty T-storm, and a tornado warning was issued for the base. Driving rainstorm, thunder and lightning everywhere, and a tornado spotted just 2 miles from us. Lights come on in the barracks and we get the word. No time to get fully dressed, just drop your cocks and grab your socks and move. Tugged on some utility trousers, and a t-shirt with untied boots and ran to the parking lot. Stood in formation for about 5 minutes in the driving rain till the busses arrived. Then five minutes to the brick building. Yeah that was a good plan. Completely soaked at 0100 sitting in a hallway. Got back to the barracks around 0200. Oh and we still had formation that morning. Aw, good times!

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