General Butch Neal
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    General Butch Neal

    A dear friend has passed, Gen. Butch Neal former ACMC. Butch was our India 3/9 Arty FO at Getlin's Corner, and assumed command of the company, after my CO and XO were killed. We had been close friends ever since.
    Several of us from that battle attended his funeral and then reception with his family at HQMC. There I had the honor of speaking with our current MC leadership, as well as many former commandants. Butch was one of the most respected generals to ever serve. His two silver stars in Vietnam are also indicative have his valor on the battlefield.
    We will see you again brother!
    Semper Fidelis,
    Jack Riley

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    RIP Marine, Semper Fi...

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    Not many like that these days.
    Semper Fi and Rest in Peace, General.

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    RIP and Semper Fi

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