Do MOSs open up on October 1st?
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    Do MOSs open up on October 1st?

    I'm currently a poolee set to ship out on August 1st. That was not my original ship-out date, and due to the change, my MOS has also changed. I chose my original MOS because of the value it would provide me in what I hope to do in my civilian life. I want to get my old MOS back and would be willing to ship out tomorrow if possible, but I don't know if that would be possible because of the availability of the MOS. I have heard the MOSs become available at the beginning of the fiscal year on October 1st. I am curious if there is any validity to this. If so would it be possible to shift ship dates so soon to my current one?

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    They do open up after the fiscal year which ends on sept 30th. Heres some info for you thundercat, the Marine Corps doesnt care what MOS suits you. you are joining the Marine Corps the Marine Corps only cares what MOs serves it. You might want to get used to that. The needs of the Corps comes before everything. If you are bound to a certain MOS you either best wait and try to push your ship date, or join a different branch.

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