1988 Okinawa vehicle accident involving Marines
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    1988 Okinawa vehicle accident involving Marines

    Longshot...asking for a fellow vet needing information.

    Does anyone have any information on a vehicle accident on Okinawa in 1988 that killed 1 Marine, seriously injured a 2nd Marine, and killed a local national? The vehicle was said to have been towed to Camp Schwab and sat on a tanker ramp for quite a bit of time. Not sure where the Marines were stationed (I assume Schwab) or exactly where the accident took place. Looking for any information available...pictures, articles, those who may have been stationed there during that time that would possibly have knowledge. Thanks for your help.

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    Good luck with your search. Be patient, though. Some are on this site daily but others only once in awhile.

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    Yes I remember it. I am also trying to get info on it as I saw it happen. I'm applying for PTSD through the VA and I have no proof of my stressor. They did tow the car back to Schwab and put the two pieces on the tank ramp. I was reminded of the horror that I witnessed daily. I know I have a picture of the car somewhere. It was split in half from the passengers (left) front "A" pillar to the driver's side (right side) "C" pillar.

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