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    Charles L. Harrison was one of the few veterans of 3 wars, and one of the very few service members held as a POW in two of them.
    Harrison enlisted in 1939 and found himself as one of the few Marines defending Wake Island from the Japanese as they attacked in December 1941. He was captured along with many of the islandís defenders and held prisoner for nearly 4 years until the end of the war.
    In spite of his experiences at the hands of the Japanese, Harrison remained in the Marines. He deployed again to Korea in 1950, taking part in the invasion at Inchon. He continued north until November 29, when he was shot and captured around the Chosin Reservoir. Harrison remained in captivity for 6 months until he and 17 other POWs escaped.
    ďNo person who had ever known me well would expect to find me bitter and disillusioned from my double dose of hard luck. I thought of many others, however, who as casual observers would probably expect to see a very dejected and spiritually broken Marine arrive home this second time. If only they could know how to appreciate America as I do.Ē
    Harrison again remained in the Marines, serving once more in Vietnam and retiring in 1969 as a Lieutenant Colonel. He died at the age of 93 in January 2015.

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    Interesting and inspiring, Mike.
    Thanks for posting it.

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