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    Hey gents,

    Not sure if this is the right forum section to do so, but I don't really know where else to do this (can't post on more populated boards).

    I thought I should introduce myself on joining here - my name's Teddy and I'm a 15-year-old (9th grade equivalent) American-British-Irish dual/multiple citizen. I live in the UK (London specifically) and I'd like to commission into the USMC as an officer one day, hopefully as an aviator. I guess my goal is to be a fixed-wing USMC jet pilot, eventually maybe a test pilot or to work for NASA. All too far in the future to say, I suppose. I'm not really from a military family, but some of my relatives have been in the armed forces - a few Marines, actually.

    I was wondering if anyone knew any Marines or servicepeople in general who came from overseas?

    Thanks all

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    Welcome. I left this thread here but moved your other thread to Ask A Marine. They're not duplicate threads
    But the other one belongs in Ask A Marine.
    There were a couple of pilots here but that was a long time ago. However, you might PM dono.
    His son is a USMC pilot.

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    Dreams of grandeur eh. There is going to be significant distance between you and what you desire, not everyone can be John Glenn even harder if you are not a US citizen.

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    When I was in Boot Camp, back in the early 70's, we had a few guys from the Philippines and one from Ireland, they joined because they were told it would be easier for them to get there citizenship... Not sure as to how much it helped them...

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