What does your Leatherneck ID Name mean?
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    What does your Leatherneck ID Name mean?

    Mine stands for an old football joke from my high school days that goes something like this; What position do you play? I play End, Guard, and Tackle. I sit on the end of the bench, guard the water bucket, and tackle anyone who tries to get to it. In life, I have never been picked as a starter. Always good enough to play but rarely allowed. Just sit on the sidelines and wait to be put in. Thus "EGTSpec" Just being a good worker ant.

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    The Marine Corps allowed you to play.

    USMC 2571. My MOS, later designated 2621.

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    Mongoose was my name in Nam.....because they said I was fast to engage the Gooks.

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    mine is just who I am, ir(I am) pat 54 the year I was born
    nothing special...

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    Zulu 3-6 was my tactical call sign in the Air Guard. Zulu was my squadron's call, I was in the 3rd Flight, and 6 because I was the flight commander (I was a MSgt. We were short on officers so senior NCOs filled the slots. Not uncommon in Air Guard and Air Force Reserve security police units).

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    I was the Bravo Team leader in two Combined Action Platoons. The "Alpha" team leader was the CAP Actual. So...technically...I was the "Actual" of the Bravo element, which was half the CAP, six men plus roughly 12 ARVN Counterparts.

    These were Combined Action Platoons 2-7-10 and 2-7-6.

    2-7-6 suffered 100% casualties during two extended contacts on April 24th 1971. The walking wounded had to extricate the wounded who could not walk, two klicks up a trail under sporadic fire to a clearing where Army medevac Hueys, escorted by Marine Cobras, could land. All 12 of us Marines including our Navy Corpsman had been hit.

    Next stop 95th Evac, Danang.

    Yeah. A war story. The best part, none of us died and the react team--an ARVN unit led by Army Rangers--found 20 EKIAs when they swept the AO.

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    A day in the life of a Ammo Tech.

    LOL Actually, In the Marines I spent most of my time either working in the Ammo Depot doing inventories, cleaning ammo bunkers, and issuing Ammo to units, or TAD somewhere like Motor-T (Duty Driver), Brig Chaser for JAG, and Bn. Deserter Clerk.

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    oldtop because I retired as a MSgt, my troops called me "Top", and I'm OLD...(just turned 74 this month)

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    I was a railroad conductor/brakeman, we had a calling system to assign jobs daily!
    We had a little block in the crew callers offices and mine was GKMOZ..a short for my real name that didn't fit on the block.....most of my life I've been called Moz.
    Got out of the Marines in Aug.70 three months later hired on the R.R.

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