How common are age waivers?
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    How common are age waivers?

    I’ll try to nutshell this.

    I will soon receive a green card and recently turned 29.
    Serving the United States is important to me because I dont want to be “just another immigrant”, I want to give service to the country that has done so much for me.
    The Marine Corps has my absolute preference because of the history, the traditions, the brotherhood and dress blues as pantydroppers (that was a joke, well... maybe).

    I am European, speak 4 languages fluently, have a college degree, traveled extensively (understanding different cultures), climbed several of the highest mountains and I am in excellent physical condition.

    Not thinking i’m all that but I assume these are attractive qualities in a potential recruit so I figured i’d mention it.

    If a recruiter would consider me my PFT will need to be perfect and ASVAB scores well above average. These are factors I can control.

    But how likely is it that a recruiter would push for an age waiver for someone with my profile?
    Is the military currently reaching their recruiting goals?
    I would choose USMCR since being cooped up with 18-19 year olds harassing me to buy them beer is not what i’m looking for.

    Serving, being ready when called upon would give me a sense of pride knowing i’m giving something back.

    Please give me your thoughts. Thank you!

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    At 29 I don't think you'll have an issue getting in. Thanks for being so willing to give back to this Country as an immigrant. Most Americans, even those who wave the flag and wear the T-shirts, are not willing to do what you want to do.

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    I might be 30 by the time everything is sorted out.
    What jobs are usually readily available? As in, which MOS can get you shipped off ASAP as to have an easier time getting that age waiver.

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    In the reserves job availability is based on what positions are available in the units in your area. Typically infantry jobs are pretty prevalent, as well as various support roles. But it really depends on where you live. More "specialized" jobs are often more sparsely located throughout the country.

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    Probably easier to get you into the reserves on an age waiver than on active duty I would surmise. If you were a 30 year old individual trying to go through recruit training it might be a bit tougher to get through. Then again bootcamp isnt what it used to be.

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