Dep only Open Contract????
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    Exclamation Dep only Open Contract????

    must i sign an open contract (dep only) before going to MEPs? I want to make sure im not being blind sided by my recruiter, he didnt mention closed contract but said dont worry thats for dep only! So its a bit weird/shaky. I plan on going to meps next 2 week, I heard this is normal and to not SHIP out on open contract, but wondering if this dep only thing has to do something with it and he isnt lying to me to get me in as a cook. Thanks

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    You sign an open contract to swear into the Delayed Entry Program and then you sign your real contract before you ship to boot. Just ensure if it is what you are looking for that you don't sign the contract this is the one and only time you get a say in anything you do in the Marine Corps.

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