'Put ALL the Chicken in the bag'
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    'Put ALL the Chicken in the bag'




    'Put all the chicken in the bag': Man steals food at gunpoint from California restaurant

    Updated 17 hrs ago | Posted on Feb 4, 2021 0

    A customer angered when asked to put on a mask pulls out a gun and steals chicken from a restaurant.


    Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles,


    PASADENA, Calif. (KCAL/KCBS/CNN) -- A customer, who allegedly got upset when asked to put on a face mask inside a California restaurant, pulled out a gun and stole some chicken.

    Police said the man walked into a Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles in Pasadena, located about 10 miles north of Los Angeles, Wednesday evening. A cashier asked him to put on a face covering as required by local health orders.

    “He said, ‘Why don’t you come over here and tell me to my face,'” said Robert Gonzalez, a cook at the restaurant. “And he told him again, ‘Just put a mask on,’ and then that’s when he got mad and pulled out a gun."

    The man then went back toward the kitchen, where Gonzalez said the man pointed a gun at him.

    "He said, pointing the gun at me, pretty much said, 'Put all the chicken in the bag,'" Gonzalez recalled.

    There was plenty of chicken in the kitchen but no bag. So, the suspect grabbed a couple of takeout orders that had already been prepared while the employees ran out the back of the building.

    “I understand our chicken is good, but, I mean, that’s some expensive chicken he’s got there,” Gonzalez said. “It was just pretty stupid and crazy at the same time.”

    None of the employees were harmed in the bizarre incident.

    The Pasadena Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department are searching for the suspect who fled the scene in a light-colored sedan with another passenger.

    The VIDEO on that page shows a BROTHER - dressed in a green sweater - and black polka-dotted sweatpants

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    OK, now I understand why he grabbed 2 boxes of chicken.

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    cook should have filled a box with RAW chicken for him...

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    So what.....it's Calif. They will say the black man had a right to steal chicken, because he's oppressed and the White Supremacist won't hire 'em. He was acting out of fear that his brothers would starve to death down on the corner. Besides they needed chicken to wash down their wine with. Don't ya'll know it's racist to deny a black person free chicken.

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    Figure though
    Will yum,,,
    he may not have been
    the brightest light on the string
    Refused service NOT wearing a mask-
    then comes back an doez a hold-up,
    also NOT wearing a mask.....

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