No Medical Documents for Waiver
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    No Medical Documents for Waiver

    I'm sure this question has been asked in many forms but I've found myself stuck in an odd spot and could use some guidance. Roughly 10 years ago I engaged in extremely minor self harm (no scars) due to being young in an extremely toxic family situation. I went to counseling and saw a psychiatrist maybe 3 times. Never diagnosed with anything. I currently work as a first responder, have two degrees, and no difficulties. Frankly I had forgot about it until recently.

    I haven't notified my recruiter yet as I wanted to have the medical documents when I did. I don't want to lie or hide anything, but when I attempted to locate any records, there is nothing. The place I went to for counseling stated that any records were destroyed since it had been so long. The psychiatrist is no longer in a practicing role, though I attempted to contact and got no response. The practice I saw him at no longer exists. No other doctor I've seen has ever known.

    Should I still disclose this...? I hate to lose my dream over something I can't even prove happened and I've heard even with good records self harm waivers are notoriously hard to get. However, I'm interested in jobs that would require security clearances and I definitely don't want to hide anything from investigators. If I was honest with investigators but did not disclose at MEPS, would I get caught/in trouble? Not sure if this is something that would even come up though. Again it's not my intention to deceitful, just not sure what to do. Any advice on how to proceed is appreciated.

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    this is just my opinion but, if there are no records to be found, and you are in good standing at you job, I don't see any reason to disclose anything at all... to me, if it were up to me I say never ever bring this up, drop it in the deepest recessed part of your brain and forget it ever happened at all... put it in a weighted bucket and drop it in the deepest part of the ocean and say good-by to it...
    just my 2 cents worth...

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    I think that's my plan. It isn't relevant to my ability to function in any way. I do currently, voluntarily go to counseling but have been using it to try and improve relations with previously mentioned family. I don't have to go or need to get by, I just think why not since its also free with my insurance. However, I will be stopping soon and will have completed 10 or less sessions so I don't believe I will need paperwork, but if I do I can get access to it. This counselor again has no knowledge of any of the previous experiences. I greatly appreciate your advice.

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    best of luck to you

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    The right answer is never lie about anything, it's dishonest and illegal in this context. I would never advise anyone do anything other than be truthful on government documents.

    To answer your question more broadly, they have no magic way of knowing something which has no record of existing, or frankly even things that are thoroughly documented. For whatever reason, most people in the military seem to fail to disclose things during their initial enlistment. The only way the typically get caught is when they disclose it later on, usually at MEPS or at the "moment of truth" in Boot Camp. If it is something that bubbles to the surface, that can also cause problems.

    You mention being interested in jobs that require security clearances. They can and do dig very deep in a TS background investigation. They will talk to family, acquaintances, etc. More of a concern should probably be placed on lying on a government document than your minor medical past. That said, the history you describe could completely derail any attempt to enlist in the first place.

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