WGSCTYFOR - Any know what that is?
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    WGSCTYFOR - Any know what that is?

    I was stationed at Okinawa (Futenman) in 1986 and was at H&HS-18 and was a LCPL. I did 4 wks training and my DD-214 says WGSCTYFOR. I was a 5937 Avaiation Radio Repairman. I can not find any info anywhere. I have Contacted Okinawa, Pentagon and old some old friends who were there. and no one knows. Does anyone know what we did or mission or ?? We did have to go to range for M16 and shoot shotgun and 45 Pistol. and shot at targets that went up and down. Was in 6/86 after we got back from TS-86. I was in great shape and won Marine in Month, very fast runner and very strong. They said we were hand selected but that could just be some crap. All I can remember is they said we would be guarding the President when he came and some other patrols. I remember alot back then at Oki but for some reason have a hard time remembering this. Some may know me, I also worked the flight line mess hall and was night cook and cooked the very big omlettes for you guys and you all loved my omlettes!!! and did pull armory guard detail for a while (A month duty). Any info would be appreciated. Feel free to also email if thats okay jerryjaysr and thats at yahoo. Thanks. I served also at MASS-1. Was in 1983 to 1987 Semper Fi

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    it could mean that you are/were qualified for specific weapons for security force using those types of weapons...
    just a wild guess and the designation does come up under security force ops.

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