Marriage at mos
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Thread: Marriage at mos

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    Marriage at mos

    Me and my Marine have been together for about 4 years. He is currently at MCT, and our plan is for me to come visit at his MOS so we can get married. His MOS is Bulk Fuel Specialists at Fort Lee, VA. My question is how do we go about doing this since he only has liberty on the weekends? I know he would have to get Special Liberty to go off base with me as his buddy. But courthouses are only open during the week.. Any suggestons? Thanks in advance!!

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    Your Marine will have to get all the paperwork put together and submit it to his command. and in doing that he will have to ask for permission from said Command for it to be set up...
    not an easy task and so he had better get started in the research of it right away...
    if you're dead set on getting married, remember the Corps will always come first
    and it might be easier to get married when he has some leave time...

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    Getting married in the Corps is not a " do it when you please " type action.

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