Meps Update/Eye consult
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    Meps Update/Eye consult

    So I went to Meps yesterday and I passed everything except for my weight and my eye test.

    I am 3 pounds under which doesn't really matter because I can get an easy waiver for that.

    I was told that I was partially disqualified because my left eye is uncorrectable to 20/40. I also failed the depth perception.

    Anyways I have to go to an eye consult at some point. My recruiter is supposed to schedule it. Has anybody ever had to do this and what is it like?? What happens at the eye consult?? How do I pass the eye consult???

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    Was your vision checked by a real doctor at MEPS? The consult will be with an Optometrist/Ophthalmologist and will be a normal eye exam.Your pass or fail is determined by the doctor and there is nothing you can do about the results.

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    No my vision was checked by one of the people that do all of the kids. It was the same guy that did my blood work and everything else. What are the chances that I fail it? I have 20/20 vision in one eye and my other eye is pretty bad. I have 20/20 when I use both eyes. I don't have astigmatism or anything else wrong with my eyes. But what are the chances that I fail it or they find something that I didn't know about.

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    The "guy" who did you blood work and everything else was not a doctor.You don't know if anything is wrong with your eyes until an actual doctor examines them.No one here can predict the future.

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