Steps to becoming a Force Recon Marine
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    Steps to becoming a Force Recon Marine

    Iím shipping to boot camp in July. Anyone have any advice for getting into recon?

    Itís been my dream for a long time.

    Should I go for a recon contract? (I think itís called a UZ contract not sure) or should I just go for a infantry contract and work my way up?

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    Do a infantry contract. In ITB the recon recruiter comes and shows a video and asks for people to sign up to go to recon training company after you graduate. Make sure you go 0311 package if you do this, weapons Marines aren't able to go.

    This way if you drop out or don't make it you still go to the fleet as a 0311, instead of getting re classed to whatever they want.

    Dont know if its the same east but this is how it was west coast a little less than a year ago.

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