Question about waivers
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    Question about waivers

    When i was about 16 I told my mother I was a lesbian, and she didn't take it very well and sent to three (3) different psychiatry wards to make me straight (?); is that going to interfere with me enlisting?

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    wow! I think the only one who can give you a good answer would be your recruiter, so many things have changed in just a very short time that they are probably the only ones who would have a handle on the current and latest regulations.
    under Obama, this probably would not have been a problem but under the current President and trying to go back to the older ways, it might be...

    what is your status now? are you over the lesbian kick and straight now? or are you still inclined to be a lesbian?

    that might have a lot to do with it as well, it would go to your mental health aspect
    the variables are vast... IMO
    perhaps some current Marines will come along and have a better grasp on today's Corps
    good luck

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    The armed forces don't care about your sexual orientation, so no concerns on that end.

    As to the therapy, that's all case by case. If it's as you describe I doubt that would be a permanent hindrance on serving but nobody can give you an answer with any certainty.

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