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    Smile Spouse Moving to MOS

    So my fiance has not yet left for boot camp yet, his ship date is October 10. His recruiter doesn't seem to have very much information, or answers to our questions. We have made plans to marry while he is on leave after boot camp, so we will be married during MCT and MOS. If our plan is for me to move to where his MOS school is, are there rules regarding this? Like is it allowed no matter how long his schooling is or are there certain requirements? Also, will we receive BAH? If so, will it be paid based off of our hometown zipcode or his schools zipcode? Before I get an negative responses, I know that it's frowned upon to take your spouse with you to MOS, but we've already made up our minds. Any information regarding the topic is greatly appreciated!

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    Times have changed since I was active in the Corps. However, I do know it would be for just a very short time, if it happens. Also, I think the Corps would frown on this.

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    For MOS School, a lot depends on how long the MOS school is and there is still a chance that no BAH money will be alotted.
    on a side note, you do realize that the Corps will always come first, no matter what. There are a lot of people that say I understand the Corps comes first then can't understand that the Corps comes first and foremost, period. I was lucky with my late first wife, she was also in the Corps (that's where we met) so we both understood very well that the needs of the Corps come before any other consideration...

    best of luck to you stay blessed...

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    Spouse related question

    I cant seem to find the answer i'm looking for anywhere. My husband is in 29 palms and is in MOS school. he's already put me in the system for DEERS and has did his paperwork to put me as a spouse in the system. my question is how long after he has been given his orders and knows where he will be stationed, will i be able to move in with him? He graduates in Oct. and his MOS is Communications. We just got married Sept. 1st. Thank you for any one who replies and helps me with this

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    if you're in the system, he should be able to get all the necessary forms to fill out for base housing and allowances as soon as he knows where he will be stationed, the base housing fills up fast, at least it did when I was in the Corps, you can use your allowance for off-base housing as well so if base housing is either full or you're not satisfied with it you can look around for something to rent.
    times have changed a lot since I was in and there is more base housing available today then there was when I was in... and they're a lot nicer now as well...lol

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    Okay, so how long does that generally take? i just want a ball park on how long it would take for us to move in together so i can let my job know and make preparations accordingly and make it as smooth as possible for my husband and i.

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    things have changed a lot since I was in when I was in it could take anywhere from 1 pay period (monthly) or 2, now with everything computerized, once the paperwork is in it should go much faster, it depends on the admin and how fast they get it into the system...

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    If I recall correctly, when I was in Comm school, I did not find out where I was going until the last week of the course.

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    You can try to move to where ever he is going to MOS school but he is going to be living in the barracks unless he is an NCO which he wont be when he arrives at his MOS school. Whether you are married or not A School is not a duty station unless it is over 6 months. So good luck paying out of pocket to move to where ever his school is and then having to pay to move where ever he gets stationed. The better option would be to marry and live with mom and dad to save the BAH you would rate during that time frame.

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    Do they now issue a Wife after graduating Boot Camp?

    I didn't get mine until 1956 after my return from 13 months in Korea.

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    Old Marine ,I got Mine before boot camp, but listened and waited til My first duty station to bring Her along ... And We been together these last 37 years...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mexbearlll View Post
    old marine ,i got mine before boot camp, but listened and waited til my first duty station to bring her along ... And we been together these last 37 years...

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