PCP at Parris Island
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    PCP at Parris Island

    Hi Marines! Thanks in advance for answering this. I run PFTs with my recruiter and usually get around a 280 on them. I love physical fitness, but Iím just really heavy from muscle building exercises so I need a waiver to ship out in September. Will I be put in the PCP area because of my weight? Or will they see my IST is very good? I will muscle through whatever they give me, as I am very excited to be going in the first place. I am just curious to know if Iíll be put on a diet and have extra rules like a fat body. Thanks again!

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    You will not be shipping to PI if you're over your height/weight limit or failing the IST. At least, you're not supposed to and if you do, your recruiter is not doing their job.

    Most common reason to be dropped to PCP is failing the IST. This usually happens because of exhaustion (not getting enough sleep which is common during receiving week) and not adjusting to the climate/humidity on the island. A few even discover they are asthmatic even though they never had symptoms before (symptoms are exacerbated by the environment and high level of physical activity).

    If you're overweight, you'll be dropped to PCP and stay there till you lose the required number of pounds. But like I said, if that happens, that's your recruiter's fault. They are not supposed to ship anybody overweight. If you're not overweight but "heavy" (meaning borderline overweight) yes, you will be a fat body on put on a diet (mostly veggies with lean protein, low carbs and no sweets - you won't like it at all).

    Knowing this going in. Your goal should be to get as much rest/sleep as you possibly can before shipping (difficult because of all the excitement/preparations). Rest/sleep will almost be nonexistent when you arrive on the island and your IST won't be till the Friday of that processing week. It's designed that way to test your endurance/commitment to succeed. Put yourself on a diet now and lose as much as you can to keep from being borderline, with the guidance of your recruiter (you must maintain your strength). You don't have much time, if you're waiver is approved.

    Good luck. IST:


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    You can ship over your weight. I did, and know a bunch of other people who did. If you pass the IST, you shouldn't be dropped to PCP, especially if you are crushing it like you currently are.


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    Mike is right, over height weight don't mean much if you can pt. I shipped 20+ lbs over my max weight. I wasn't on any diets at the depot either, and wasn't in height/weight standards til i graduated. I did lose about 25-30 lbs of mass due to lack of food, sleep, ect, so might want to prep in advance for that...

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    Plenty of overweight people are shipped to basic. If you're over the BMI AND can't pass the PFT you'll most likely be put into PCP. If you're slightly over BMI and can pass the PFT you'll be put in a regular platoon.

    However, why isn't your recruiter answering these questions?

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