passed meps, failed receiving hearing test
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    passed meps, failed receiving hearing test

    My son call and told me he was coming home because he failed the hearing test during receiving. He did pass it during MEPS.
    My question is that since he had passes it three weeks prior, that it is probably temporary, so why would the send him home instead of having him go through receiving again with the other recruits that fail a portion and retest the following Friday?
    Is there a way for him to stay and retake it?
    Thank you for your help with this!

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    If they are sending him home from boot camp, it would seem they will not re-test him. There is no way to make them keep him and re-test him.

    He will probably get an RE-3P re-enlistment code. This is a medical code and he can try to enlist again if he can get medical proof his hearing is OK (within Bureau of Medicine standards). He will require a waiver for that from HQ Marine Corps. He will also need to find a recruiter willing to take him on and do the work involved. A waiver is not automatic, takes time, and could still be refused even if his hearing seems to be within standards.

    It seems the military prefers to ruin people's hearing themselves (BTDT) and not have them come in already half-deaf.

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