Any input for an actress playing a Marine??
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    Any input for an actress playing a Marine??

    Hello! I am currently in a play called, "Welcome home Jenny Sutter" in which I play a Marine who is just arriving home after losing her leg in Iraq. I'm hoping to get input from any and all who have served in the Marines. Truly, I want to know if there is anything that I could do to accidentally offend our troops while playing this role. I'd like to hear how it felt to come home, the difficulty in identity and transitioning from soldier to civilian and mother and disabled all at once. There are a few instances where people ask if the men "came after her" in which she doesn't respond, my instincts tell me that is an offensive and dumb question but if anyone wants to chime in on how you would respond to that I'd love to hear it. I know that I will never ever ever know what you've been through, I will never claim to "know how you feel". I want to give the best representation of our Marines as possible, to respect and honor all of you in my work, anything that you feel may help me do so I am eager to hear. Thank you all so much.

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    I'll answer the easy question; if you really want to **** off a Marine call him a soldier. We are not soldiers, we are Marines. Now I'll give others a chance.

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    See?! I truly do not know anything. My grandfather was in the military but everyone in my family pretty much died before I was old enough to know anything about it. My parents don't talk about their parents. So I'm pretty much just searching on my own here. Thank you!

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    I can't respond because I was not in a war where women Marines were in close proximity with Combat Marines. Nor do I know any that lost their leg while in the Corps. However, I wish you success.

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    Thank you. She lost her leg working at a checkingpoint if that helps at all. Really anybody who left to war and came home can help. Any description of the first day back, before actually getting home, leaving and coming home ecpierences across the board are helpful and generally enlightening.

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    Well first day back was being processed into the Philly Naval Hospital, where I would have 3 surgery's to save part of my body, over a 7 month period. Across the street from the Hospital was a public park. Every day there would be a lot of young protestors there, waving signs and hollering that we were killing innocent people and children. There was a Bar about a block away from the Hospital, called the Blue Dolphin. Marines would, "against rules" wheel their wheelchairs or hobble down to the Bar to have a couple of beers, some with no legs, no arms, or some part of their body being reconstructed. All the way down and back, those pot smoking, dope taking Cowards would throw trash at us from across the street.
    You want to know what it felt like. It felt like we were abandoned by America. It made you wonder why we did it....put our life in harms way, just to be disgraced by the very people you thought you was will never understand, believe me...

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