Failed Recruit! was wondering if I can re-enlist with a RE-3P code.
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    Failed Recruit! was wondering if I can re-enlist with a RE-3P code.

    Hey, so I just came back from USMC Bootcamp in Parris Island in mid December and was there since early November. I got discharged due to mental health reasons. I've had anxiety attacks before in my junior year of high school for about a month or two. I was seen by a doctor and was given meds for it. I took it once, since I didn't think it worked and made it worse. I stopped taking the meds. I told my recruiter about this and he obviously told me to keep quiet and would not add it to my paperwork.
    While I was in bootcamp at about my third week into training I got anxiety and was getting homesick. I was then taken to Medical and my dumb self disclosed that I had anxiety before and they dropped me since I did not disclose that information to MEPS. I was sent to RSP and sent home. Now that I am back home I regret saying anything and being that dumb recruit who got homesick and dropped for anxiety. I would like to go back and was wondering if there is any chance I will be able too.
    I was given a Re-3P reenlistment code which I was told I can reenlist with a waiver for my anxiety in two years. I was wondering if this is true and how much of a chance I have for this. I was also told by my old recruiter that I would have to get doctors to clear me for my anxiety since I am fine and then get a waiver. Is it possible I can reenlist or get the waiver though? And if it's possible to get the waiver, is it possible to get Intel as my mos? I had qualified for intel and would like to get that mos. If not then I'll get another mos.
    Any comments and advice would help. Thank you.

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    Others will be able to answer your specific questions but we advise people over and over again here about the very real dangers of fraudulent enlistment and the penalties attached to it. Anyway, keep us updated here on how you make out. Good luck to you. Keep us posted

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    I doubt anyone said you "can" re-enlist in two years with a waiver. More likely, "might." Don't hold your breath though. The waiver has to be approved at Headquarters, Marine Corps, not MEPS.

    If three weeks of boot camp created such a level of anxiety that you, in your words, "I was then taken to medical..." I would hate to see how quickly you developed anxiety in combat that required removal from the field.

    The last person I know of that had anxiety like you and got an Intel job, he gave away the store, got court-martialed, and then decided he was a she.

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    The Marine Corps already spent a lot of money getting you thru your DEP, MEPS, to recruiting training, RSP, and then back home. Before spending that money again, you would need to convince Headquarters Marine Corps that, if put back into the same position at recruit training, you would not experience that same level of homesickness and anxiety (without taking any meds). Convince me, then I'll tell you if I would give you another chance.

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    Well bless your little heart! I bet those mean ole Marine Drill Instructors caused it; shame on them. Someone needs to talk to them. Maybe; they will call you and tell you that they are sorry. They'll probably tell you to come back. Not!

    You want back in the Marine Corps? You want to be in Intel? Listen up snowflake; the Marine Corps isn't for you; a padded room is what you need.


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    RE-3P: Physical disability (includes discharge and transfer to TDRL)
    Doubt it, there are people who are 100% that wont be able to re-enlist either. Also Panic attacks? HEEEEELLLLLLLL NO! you think anyone is going to want someone who has panic attacks covering their ass when there are bullets and bombs flying over head. You aren't going to get yourself killed you are going to get everyone else killed through your inaction and inability to keep calm under duress. Its nice to hear that under these new conditions some of the chaff is being weeded out.

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