Switching from Active Duty to the Reserves while in DEP
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    Switching from Active Duty to the Reserves while in DEP

    I have recently sworn in and signed my initial contract; however, I have also recently learned of the reserves. I have wanted to be a United States Marine since I could remember, so I never thought of another alternative other then Active Duty, now that I'm aware of the USMC Reserves, I'm interested. I believe the Reserves are more of a fit for me. Is it possible for me to change from Active Duty to Reserves? If so, what steps must I retake? I've always wanted to be a United States Marine, so if I must, I will honor my commitment and serve our nation as an Active Duty Marine. My current ship date was June 4th, but my recruiter told me that date was promised to someone else, so now my date is September 4th. I'm almost 23, so I'd say I'm more mature than the average poolee, I'm just looking for some honest, helpful feedback.

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    If your already in DEP, go and talk with your recruiter, that's his job...

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