Team Only Exercises Correctly When SSgt is Watching?
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    Question Team Only Exercises Correctly When SSgt is Watching?

    Hello Marines! Every Wednesday we have a weekly poolee training event, and every second Saturday of a month we have a bigger function. What I have noticed during these is that many poolees are doing the exercises incorrectly by cheating reps.

    They might do terrible squats that are in reality closer to toe-touches or when doing ass-to-grass squats they don't even go down close to 90 degrees until the SSgt is watching us. This happens on all exercises.

    In one instance during the bigger event, I saw a poolee count his reps to 20, stop counting, then leave to the next exercise post after a handful more reps when he was supposed to do 60. If I did this then I would appear to be in great shape and pass at an average time which I did not do. Some poolees only do pushups when being watched and just stare at whoever is supervising them until they are about to be watched. Then they look like good poolees when they are being watched.

    The problem for me does is not that I am angry that our poolees aren't doing as much as they should, but rather that I am definitely in great shape (and my SSgt knows that due to IST) but I am always finishing last and appearing so tired because I'm doing all of the reps whether or not I am being watched. I look bad.

    During the events, I'm ridiculed for being last or probably seen as much more tired or that I am not trying as hard as I can. I am actually trying very hard for each exercise and doing full reps but so many others aren't.

    I'm considering just doing bad reps/not counting reps to blend in with the rest of my poolees and saving my energy for when they start to look in my direction. If the Marines are about teamwork then I shouldn't hold my poolees back by doing 100% reps every time, maybe.

    What if the same thing happens in boot camp? I don't want to look bad to any of the drill instructors to the best of my ability. What should I do? Fake some of my reps and finish on time while I go to the gym and work out for real then? Should I just get in freakishly good shape so that I can do full reps and finish on time with the half-reppers/fake counters?

    I am finishing this by saying I respect the poolees greatly that give their honest effort in these exercises for the benefits they provide. I don't feel good about this situation.

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    You'll see the same thing in bootcamp (recruits saving themselves by not giving full effort when the DI's aren't watching). The DI's can't observe everything all the time. Not just with PT, but with field day (cleaning the squad bay), etc. There will always be the 10%, even in the fleet after bootcamp, who never pull their weight and try to get out of as much as they can. You'll see them everywhere you go - not just your DEP.

    What's supposed to happen (besides each recruit having the personal integrity to give their maximum effort) is, the recruits in leadership positions (platoon guide and squad leaders) call these slackers out and make them understand that type of behavior will not be tolerated in their platoon. Strong guides and squad leaders will do that as that comes with their leadership positions.

    What you need to do is demonstrate integrity (one of our 14 leadership traits) and continue doing the right thing even when nobody notices/is watching. Always give maximum effort in everything you're tasked to do. That's what your recruiters and DI's expect. Never fake anything.

    Good luck.

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    The Marine Corps is imperfect. Some great Marines don't live and die by the book. Integrity is important, and good on you for having it, but let this be a lesson that not every Marine will live and die by being perfectly honest especially when it conflicts with self-interest. When it comes to PT, there is truth in that when you cheat you only cheat yourself. For the most part, PFT scores are hard to fudge, amd at the end of the day that is what you will be ranked by.


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    Travis I was a former Corpsman/ Doc. I was with the grunts for 71/2 out of my 111/2 years with the Marine Corps.My weak exercise was pull ups. The most I did during my career was 5,I always had everyone cheering me on trying to break my 5 record I never got more than 5 but I never quit my brothers would always say good try try again tomorrow. I was their doc and I always came through when they needed me so never quit and always give your10000% goodluck my friend.

    Steven Doc Hansen HM3 FMF

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    Until you are an NCO and are in charge of making sure people are PTing because 1st Sgt will have your ass because you have fat bodies or people falling out of company and battalion level pt. You should probably just worry about your own damn self.

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