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    Think maybe our former Mod has resurfaced.

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    in a word, being a female in the infantry is going to be an absolute B!TCH no pun intended.... whatever YOU think it is going to be like, will not even come close... take your worst nightmare and multiply it by 100 and you MIGHT have a starting point...

    Willie, you just might have won the cigar.....

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    Yep! I'm with you Oldtop, I believe Willie may have won the cigar.


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    So you want to be in the Marine Corps Infantry. I was infantry during the late 60's during the buildup for the Nam. The training in and of itself is a total *****. As you go through it you'll initially hope it gets easier, it doesn't by the way, you just get used to it, you become toughter . Getting jolted out of your rack and going to chow before it's light in the morning, gobbling down all you can eat (because you've learned that you don't know when/if you're gong to eat again) before heading out for today's field assignment as the sun comes up. By noon you're so tired you don't see how you can go on, but you ain't no quitter, NEVER a quitter. Coming out of the field, most days, after the sun comes down. Day in day out. But, it get's easier, only because you get used to it, as you realize you are becoming good enough to be MC Infantry. But you won't know what MC Infantry really is yet, even after training.

    The training is not just about showing how well you can do things so you'll be accepted, it's about holding up to the training itself as you'll be completely exhausted most days. Every time you're able to sit down and take 5 you'll just automatically fall asleep. But in the Marine Corps Infantry you'll just keep going, no pansies, or pc pukes here. Being in the infantry You are the Marine Corps.

    Of course I can only explain to you what it was like in the MC infantry during my time as I know nothing about today's infantry. We were trained for one thing, we all knew where we were going and we trained so that we might live. With us no one wore dress blues, we were simply raw to the bone and we were for the most part kept away from most people, even other Marines because we could not be trusted to not kick the asss of anyone that ****ed us off.

    In combat you'll be sent wherever you are needed. While our country is removing non essential personal and non combatants (including rear echelon service members) you might be sent in to control the area that everyone else is leaving because it is so dangerous. For us most of my time was spent in going out into the bush for 3-4 weeks at a time, carrying very heavy packs, ammo, very little food, no personal hygiene items. Leaches, bugs, filth, drinking filthy water, dysentery, all the while the other side is trying to kill you. There is no privacy in any area of your life, and those around you know you for who and what you truly are, you've been stripped bare and exposed both physically and mentally. Let's just say you will live in the raw in ways most cannot now imagine.

    And let's not forget the primary function of the MC Infantry. We are nothing but well disciplined killers. Whether you're a killer in the beginning, you'll learn to become very proficient or you simply will not survive. Marine Corps Infantry is best know for one simple thing, we kill everything in front of us. You seem to be focused on communicating with the civilians, well the infantry I was in was not used for that as we only went in when an area had to be taken or completely neutralized (whatever that means). Your best friends will die in your arms, or next to you. You'll be completely unable to stop the destruction except for one thing - you'll fall back on your training as you realize you have to kill everything in front of you to stop the harm to your friends. Marines in combat actually fight for 3 things, their brothers, the Corps and God. Oh yeah, lot's of conflicts with God thing while all you're doing is killing your enemy's.

    If you continue to live you'll gain a reputation as a #1 Marine, best man to have in a fire fight. And for most of us you'll later have to learn to handle the conflicts you'll encounter as you go through your life because you'll have to "forget" your skills of how to handle all your problems in life by just killing them. Now that ain't so easy.

    Well young lady, maybe now you understand better the meaning of what I 1st said to you. To the Marine Corps Infantry all other Marines are what we call POGUE's (Person's Other than Grunt). We've earned it. Just saying.

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    Today, 11:29 AM #18

    Yep! I'm with you Oldtop,
    I believe Willie may have won the cigar.
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    Advanced, I will not pretend to know what it's really like but I will say that this is what I want and I will earn it. I know it will be the best and worst hell anyone could ever imagine (and so much worse). I can't quite put into words WHY I want to, all I can say is that it's more than a want, it's a burning desire stronger than anything I've felt before. I'm not afraid to be stripped to the bone, I'm not afraid to die in the name of my country, I will admit that the idea of seeing the men and women I serve with die right in front of me is terrifying, mostly because I know that I will not be able to do anything about it. However, I will accept that and right now all I can do is accept that it is a possibility that I will have to deal with. I am more than willing to do what it takes, when it takes, where it is needed, to get the job done, no matter the job. I know that I can say all I want to about this but, I have no way to really prove to you that I'm telling the truth, the only way I have to prove it is to do it and I will. Everyday I grow more and more confident in my decision that this is what's right for me. Even reading your post it made me more determined to get there one day. I have never been one to back off because of the hardships I will face, I'm not going to start backing down now. If anything the challenges I know I will face and overcome excite me, the idea of pushing my limits that far and then going father, that gets me excited, it keeps me yearning for more and for the time to come fast so that I can sign up for infantry.

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    Miss. Barns, Say what you want but the {Men} in the infantry are a breed of there own.. They are the next closes thing to Recon,so if you make it through Boot Camp,then you'll get the next step toward being a infantry..Unless the Marine Corps says no you need to be another MOS and then that's a hole different box of worms.. I wish you luck getting in..Also you might fill out your profile please ma'am..

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    This thread is closed....there is another same titled thread in Ask a Marine.

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