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    So I've been looking around the internet and I can't find a solution/advice, recently I've been looking at the military cause I can't really find my place and I'm only 14, so I've been deciding things like how can I prepare and get in shape for boot camp, and whether or not if I should join before or after college, and another thing is my mother is totally against me joining and says that if I join she'll disown me. So I come here looking for some advice and hope to get some feedback.

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    We get this question from young people a lot and my answer is always the same.

    It's totally natural for your mom to feel the way she does (she wants to protect you and not see you go in harms way). It's possible her opinion may change as you mature and you have a clearer idea of what direction you want to go in. Once you turn 17, you'll be old enough to talk to a recruiter. Recruiters see this situation often and are trained to meet with parents and discuss their concerns about the military as well as the opportunities and benefits involved.

    At this point in your life, your mission is to enjoy school, your friends, and your family. Certainly nothing wrong with thinking about the future - it will get here faster than you think.

    Your #1 priority should be your education because a good education is the key to a better life and acts like an insurance policy for your future. So, if you have the choice, go to and finish college first - you'll have that college degree in your back pocket no matter what. The USMC values education so that degree will pay dividends if you do find yourself in the Corps at some point.

    It's too early for you to prepare for and get in shape for bootcamp. What you should do now is maintain a healthy weight (not too skinny and not fat), eat nutritious meals (avoid fast foods/sugar), and stay active (play team sports if you're athletic enough because teamwork is stressed in bootcamp).

    The USMC does not tolerate drug use so you need to obviously stay away from drugs. Too many young people cannot earn our title because they cannot pass a drug test (or get a high school diploma). Same with tattoos. We do have a tattoo policy so the safest thing to do is just never get one.

    Bottom line. Stay out of trouble, keep your nose clean, keep your body clean/lean, stay in shape/good health, learn about the value of teamwork, make education your #1 priority, enjoy being a teenager and your family. You'll grow up soon enough.

    Good luck.

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    I agree with top on 90% of what he said -- my ONLY caveat is if you aren't ready for college when you graduate high school and/or you aren't sure what you want to do in college, joining the USMC to figure that out can be a great idea. As a plus they pay for college when you get out.

    Don't get fat, don't do drugs, don't get in trouble, don't get hurt, keep your grades up.

    As for advice with the parents, keep talking about it from now until you are old enough to join. My parents have no military experience and are both white collar professionals who I don't think even knew any Marines. I had been talking about it since before I started high school and they came around and even signed for me to join the DEP before I was 18.

    Good luck, stay on the right path!


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    Honestly i admire kids this young wanting to join the military especially the Marines. Good for you hopefully you keep it and its not coming from playing call of duty, but for wanting to serve and protect the interests of the United States. Also like the Marines above said, you are young, live your life and enjoy spending time home while you can then when the time comes make the decision, because it is a big one. Also at 14 you most likely haven't completely finished puberty so your body is still changing. The older you get in your teens your body will change. Id say at 17-18 you will probably be at your tip top shape. So don't worry about preparing now it will come naturally, for now play sports in high school to make it fun to stay in shape.

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