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    Goofy Story

    After finishing a tour at Naval Hospital Patuxent Rive I got my first green side tour with MAG-31 out of Beaufort, SC. Worked a lot with the EOD Team there but ended up getting assigned to VMFA 333 the Fighting Shamrocks for a 45 day trip to Yuma, AZ for using the AZ and California bombing ranges. The Squadron insignia was 3 Shamrocks across the Tail of our birds which was at the time The F4J now realize the F4 is a proven theory that if you put a big enough engine on a rock it will fly. I make fun but that was one hell of a bird. About halfway through myself young newly minted E-4 a Lcpl and a Cpl got a little loaded one night and climbed the base orange and white checker board water tower with some painting gear. We got our stencils our and preceded to pain 3 Shamrocks on that tower. The tower was not lighted so we are not sure how we got spotted but when we were done and came down the Local Constabulary was waiting at the bottom for us. Needless to say the base OOD and the squadron OOD were not happy and had no sense of humor. Being the 2 good NCO we were we let it be known that the LCPL was pretty innocent in all of it and being intoxicated we talked him into it. Needless to say going before the skipper was not fun even the Top and SgtMaj couldn’t help but leave the room when we started explaining our battle plan and follow through. The Skipper did not see our humor side. So my Flight Surgeon got called in to handle my discipline the skipper took care of the LeatherNecks. I cleaned along with my 2 cohorts ****ters for 2 weeks restricted to the base the last 2 weeks in Yuma and we had to repaint the tower. Gotta admit those years were so enjoyable

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    Good story.....I'm sure most of us have a rout or two while serving.

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    Not me, I got a good conduct metal because I was so perfect.

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    Just goes to show you how modest #1 is.

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    Been there Done That...Casual Co awaiting orders too Any Grunt outfit on the Planet...Quantico home of the Pencil Whippers Elite...Over a year waiting for medical boards on light duty oFF and on...Playing F**K F**K so I seized the initiative ran over too the PX bought three boxes of E-LAX and proceeded to make the AM Coffee for the Co Office boys...Got complimented on how good my JaVa was...Never saw most of those Jarheads ever again they did the next couple days on the Crapper lol

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    When I was a new Marine, I got talked into climbing on top of one of the blimp hangars at LTA in Santa Ana by a s**t bird private and another Marine. A sentry was walking guard duty in the hangar below but we managed to weave through the rafters without being noticed. Those hangars are gigantic! Anyway, once on top, one of them started lighting firecrackers and throwing them off the side! I thought "the hell with this, i'm out of here!" and slowing started my descent back down. I made it without being noticed. MP's showed outside, but I can't remember if either of the two were caught. Wonder what ever happened to that crazy guy. I remember his name was Pvt. Ed Satterwhite.

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    Maybe in Tustin instead of Santa Ana..

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