is open contract my only way in?
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    is open contract my only way in?

    hey everyone, this is my first post. though out my progress of trying to join the marines i have been referring to google with questions i had and found that this site gave me the best info so thanks for all that but now i think i am in a catch 22.
    so all i am waiting for is a tattoo waiver and im golden. but at meps i found out that i have a color deficiency seeing greens/red. so my recruiter told me that i am pretty much dq'ed from all the jobs i wanted like diesel mechanics / aviation mechanics since thats what i went to college for. i scored the highest on my asvab test on mechanical and electrical. since all them jobs require a normal color vision what other jobs are there for me since i didnt score well on the math and reading. i have been looking and it seems like only office jobs dont need color vision. so my real questions is open contract my only way in or can i try to fight for a mechanical job and challenge them on my color vision since i have 20/20 vision and got a 100 on my depth tests.

    like since i didnt do to good on the math and reading,well i have to go infantry or just sign the open contract deal.

    or join the army since they are more color blind friendly.

    can i get a waiver for color blindness and if i go open contract when if i was to do my four years do you have to stay open contract?

    sorry so many questions but any info or input would be much appreciated thank you

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    For one Marines, is spelled with a capital M.

    And donīt double post, its not that nobody saw it, just nobody answered it yet.

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    the site did the double post

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    I failed the color vision test when I enlisted too. Although my ASVAB score allowed me to have any MOS I wanted my color vision, or lack thereof limited my TOTAL job choices to under 10.

    You don't have to sign open contract. You will have to choose one of the jobs you're qualified for. There is no waiver for it. If you can't commit to four years doing one of the MOSs you qualify for it's probably best if you choose the Army.

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