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    How long is MOS school to become a Crew Chief and what schools would one attend?

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    I just saw this post. Not sure if it's still relevant to you but it's about 1.5 years depending on the aircraft. For MV-22's you'll go to NACCS ( Naval Aircrew Candidate School) (It's all PT and water survival stuff), CNATT (Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training) at MCAS New River, NC. (Basically learning the mechanic side of the job.), VMMT-204 ( The flight training squadron ) This is where you'll learn to do the job.

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    Hey Guys I am writing on behalf of my grandfather Richard JAYNE. He served in the United States Marine Corps from 1957 to 1960. He worked as a flight mechanic at Cherry Point NC during that time. We are trying to find any articles pictures or persons that may have served during or around the same time. More specifically we are trying to locate anyone or pictures articles etc of the environment working as a aircraft mechanic during those days. Any help you could provide us would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

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