BA: Aviation Electronics Technician;5900/ 6300-6400/ 6600
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    BA: Aviation Electronics Technician;5900/ 6300-6400/ 6600

    The crack of the whip and a mark on the hip.

    If you want to know a bit about this here Lonesome Beaner and his recruiting experience then read on, otherwise if there is any of y'all marines in this field or retirees in the field and just want to know what the question is then please help yourself and skip on to the last paragraph.

    Fellow Beaner here hopefully in good company.

    My recruiter did what every recruiter does; he congratulated me on my score, he said I can get what ever job I want, he appealed Communications field as a reserve but later said Aviation Electronics Technician would be a better job for me since I switched to Active Duty the reason being is that it is open for once and because my EL score was above 120.

    I personally wanted Intel just because I heard it is easy to get promoted there and because you get a secret security clearance.

    Gunny Sgt assured me that I wouldn't like intel like most and that in 63xx and 64xx I can get my top secret clearance. Well he basically said that any aviation technician has to work with a top clearance. If this is true then I am game because I can get hands on with some wires and circuits.

    Anyways Questions:
    1) What is a program code and what is program code BA?
    2) Being an electronics technician do them folks get Top Secret Clearances?
    3) What does the labor hours look like? (ex 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. or any time of the day.)
    4) Which MOS works on the plane and which one works with just the hardware 5900/ 6300-6400/ 6600?
    5) Does promotion work like any other MOS and would it be easier to come by open slots more often than intel?
    6) What was your experience in MOS school like?
    7) Do you feel lucky being what you are now and what are your goals for the future?

    X) Y'all Poolees I hope can add more questions as I haven't seen an up to date post on avionic techs in a while.

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    I am also a poolee in the DEP program and would love if someone in the fleet could answer these questions.

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    I can answer some of these after asking a few already in the fleet in both MOS's with Intel (0231) and 6317 (com/nav aviation techs). Aviation guys work with a Secret Clearance, not a top secret. Top Secret would be held specifically for those in the Intelligence MOS's. I specifically have a 6317 contract, and only had to go and try to apply for a secret clearance. 0231 and 0261 contracts do require a Top Secret Security Clearance, and they do promote quicker than the other MOS fields. The guys that I want to reply to this unfortunately cannot disclose much past that.

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