is joining at 21 late?
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    Question is joining at 21 late?

    hey guys i might be leaving to boot camp this Monday or the next and i just wanted to know how long will it take for me to advance to lance corp. or corp. i keep hearing it takes longer to get promoted in the Marine Corp

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    I'm 25 and I think I'm too late, at least for the experience I could have gotten. Now everytime I get low to some good hip hop my knees give in and I thinks that maybe it's a sign of the next few pains about to come in bootcamp. I just got my MOS and I ship out april 2018. Fellow Americans and gentlemen who serve our country, what do you thinks? Has anyone enlisted at 21 or 25 and regretted joining so many years after 18?

    Also I think that the maximum age a Marine (Sorry I mean *individual non Marine) can join without a waiver is 27. Otherwise I think you need to have been a Marine or prior military or have a good excuse from god.

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    27 year old poolee here, I believe there is no such thing as too late. It is easier now for me than it would have been at 18, I have learned more about life and pushing myself past my comfort zone and I feel that will benefit me. Looking forward to shopping for basic as well as improving my physical and mental toughness in the coming months.

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    Shipping for basic* thank you for the auto correction iPhone.

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